The power of a picture

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Whenever I take a photo, or watch others snapping away, I think of a couple I met at a dear friend’s wedding in Uganda. They quietly pulled me aside when the ceremony had ended and asked me, in the most polite way, if I could take their picture and perhaps print it out and give it to my friend so it could hopefully make its way back to them. This was, they explained, the only way for them to possibly hold something so precious. A photo. One photo. We snap thousands today in this digital age, discard all the ones that are not “perfect,”  ones in which we don’t look our best, where we look tired, or God-forbid, fat. This is one of the things I miss most about Uganda. How having one simple photograph can mean so much to someone. How something so small can have such weight. Here they are and yes, I made sure they got it.

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  1. good to think about… gives you a little perspective.

  2. What a wonderful looking couple!

    Just discovered your blog–as someone else said, I also wondered “why have I not seen her acting?” Question resolved. My journey to your site sounds a little like your adventure to Orte, to wit: went to watch the Pres do his thing at the corespondent’s dinner, pursued the thread to Trump being booed at same event, saw an article on “Lady Gaga’s naked problem”, noticed Scarlett Johansson was one of the attendees at the above dinner, followed her career to Eight-Legged Freaks, noticed Kari Wuhner who was in, briefly, Sliders, one of my fave shows, and asked myself, yeah, whatever happened to you, my favorite actor on the series– hated it when you left– read with interest the Wikipedia entry for Sliders, its history, etc. And wound up here from the wikipedia link!
    I’m envious of you being in Italia–I’ve often tried to figure out how to get a job at a dig somewhere, digging up ancient Roman mysteries, to no avail. How you can afford it is a mystery. I love the food, but had trouble finding places I could afford to eat at, and that was almost 20 years ago! But the wonderful Italianos made up for anything and everything!
    Will write more. It’s been a long nite.
    Great blog.
    Chuck Waller

    (sorry if this is a double post– the first time I hit POST, my screen went blank– my flaky internet)

    1. Eating out in Rome is unbelievably expensive! I cook a lot.

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