Nobody cares where Jack Layton was born

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As a displaced Canadian, my husband occasionally (continuously) touts political systems that have more than two parties, more than red and blue.  Canada is heading to the polls on Monday and having their own bit of last minute excitement.

It’s actually a breath of fresh air in the free exercise of choice and discussion of substantive issues.  When compared to a prime minister cavorting with teenagers (Italy), a president embattled with ‘birther’ nonsense (US), or drowning in debt deceit (too many to list), the race in Canada is enviable.  Far from Canadian politics being quaint or boring, national campaigns by five political parties are giving Canadians something thoughtful to think about.

Go Canada!!

[May 2, 2011] Post-election update : Well, that didn’t go well.

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  1. Interesting perspective. I have a number of friends in Canada but our conversations rarely turn to politics. My impression is they regard our political system with a degree of bemusement.

    I’m not certain the Canadian experience can apply anywhere else: The parliamentary system might better lend itself to coalition governance (which frequently happens when you have three, four, or even five major parties-nobody gets a clear-cut majority). The presence of Bloc Québécois also strs the pot considerably.

    Their system may indeed produce better results-but on the other hand they were stuck with Mr. Harper last time.

    Lovely blog, by-the-way.

    1. Well said, Don. And thank you.

  2. Wonderfully succinct post. I also agree with Don– esp. his last sentence.

    1. Yes, my husband and I agree as well. Unfortunately, despite the promise and excitement of the election campaigns and the NDP surge, Canadians are likely left with a split left vote and another Conservative minority government after tomorrow. By the way, I think the Globe and Mail really botched it this time (link) and I’m not the only one. (link).

  3. About the g&m: you obviously have great fun with understatement.
    About McSweeneys: the Diversity In the News post on Mothers Day was great.

  4. from the g&m two of my fav comments were:

    “(Twitter) @gresco: “Breaking: The Globe & Mail has endorsed Stephen Harper. In other news the manual typewriter has endorsed carbon paper. #elxn41 #cdnpoli”

    zallen 3:07 PM on April 28, 2011 “A lot of thought went into it.” It’s not the quantity, guys, it’s the quality that matters.
    Try again.”

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