This and that at the Borgo di Tragliata

reddirtlattes/ May 8, 2011/ photography/ 15 comments

For Mother’s Day weekend we drove to the country to see this:

We stayed on an organic farm, in an old stone house:

which is this:

where they gave us this menu for lunch:

Now in most places (or at least places I have been) you would order one from each section, making a full meal. I tried in vain to do just that, but after some very funny Italian and finally switching to English, I was made to understand that no, there would be no ordering. This is what we will be eating, what is being served. All of it.

So they brought this:

then they brought this:

and then 2 big bowls containing some of this <–  and some of that –>:

and then it was on to this:

and, of course, you can’t have that without this:

and this:

and always this:

to which we did that:

and it all ended with this:

to go with that:

and after all that, well, we felt like this:

so my husband needed to do this:

while I had to do that:

We told them we’d skip dinner.

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  1. those are great pictures. and wow, so much food. Did the little one eat all that too?

    1. At one point she looked at me and said, “Mommy. I think I’m really full.”

  2. Husband back to his roots! (in next to last photo!) Love it!

    1. Can you see the grass in his mouth?! Truly back to his roots. Hard to get him to come back to the city. But I must say, hard for me too. Concrete and noise is wearing on me.

  3. Wonderful! My husband stumbled upon your blog (while looking for information on Sports Night—we loved that show!) and knew I’d enjoy it. And I do. Thank you for sharing your journeys in such a lovely way.

    1. Thanks so much, Debbie.

  4. amazing feast! Don’t you just have to love agriturismi?

    1. I do! We want to hit them all.

  5. Is this the New Yorker talking??

    1. You take a girl out of a city for too long and you might not be able to put her back. My husband has never been happier. Took him 10 years to get me to this point.

  6. Well guess who gets free flights to Italy starting very soon?!?
    I am so excited to come over, get very full, lie in a field, feel like a pig, skip round some flowers, drink wine and hopefully see you too!

    1. I’ll have the wine and feast waiting…

  7. Oh, that all just looks yummy and lovely x

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