Snapshots of Rome

reddirtlattes/ May 23, 2011/ photography/ 10 comments

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  1. oh i LOVE this-will have to share this! look the photo of the priest!

    1. Robyn, the first week we were here, back in Nov., I couldn’t believe all the men in collars and women in habits tossing back the vino! I didn’t know they were allowed to do that!

  2. The little boy in the window: *love* the expression on his face.

    You realize, of course, that now you have an OBLIGATION to continue to share your wonderful stories and pics with us. Yes.

    1. Ha! I’ll keep that in mind, Don. 🙂

  3. aha! these are fantastic!! i love photographs and i love rome and italy and i am glad i’m here to see it all.

    you’ve captured the pulse of a city….


    1. Thanks, kj.

  4. okay, i would like to visit now too. rome looks like a full of life place!

    1. Lori, it is. And I thought Americans were loud 😉

  5. What a precious pooch. I love how your truly capture your environment. Can’t wait until I get to check it out for myself.

    1. Junebug, you must. Rome is amazing.

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