reddirtlattes/ May 27, 2011/ photography/ 8 comments

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  1. Reminds me of a poem from a student in the movie “Dead Poets Society”:

    The cat
    sat on
    the mat

    I like your picture better though! 🙂

    1. Laughing!!

  2. “Yes. I am cool, and you exist to admire me. And my coolness. Yes.”

    1. Don, exactly!

  3. the cat is almost the same color as the cobblestones, pretty photo!

    1. Thank, Lori! I like to think he was incognito.

  4. Oh thats my full name Joseph Michael Lewis the rest is what some call me though some are just plain (like dragging your finger nails down a chalk board to me)and dont ask young lady lol i wont tell i like what you set up here its like seeing on tv still in still motion though cool pics ttfn

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