The Sabine Hills

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Just a 45 minute drive from Rome, you can climb up into the sky. Below you are cherry trees, olive trees, and apple trees, that you can stop and pick from along the way. As we drove back to the city, smog and noise welcoming us at the gate, it took all we had to not turn around and go back. We live in cities for work, for opportunity, connection, but I am starting to think it’s not worth losing the stars. I asked my husband last night if the next stop can be right under them.



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  1. Funny, I never would have thought of associating noise and smog with Rome – such a romanticized city, but then again even my own town is bathed in the gray of pollution that wasn’t there %^& years ago when I was a kid…

    Sounding like a fuddy duddy I guess, but it seems we are killing our planet everywhere we exist.

    1. Jason, it is so smoggy! I believe it’s one of the most polluted cities in the world. And let me tell you, you feel it. The air is HEAVY. And the noise? Makes NY seem like a beach. And yes, it is so sad what we are doing to the world.

  2. That just looks hah-venly. I think there is a time for city-living and a time for country-living, and we’re lucky if we can appreciate both once in a while.

    1. Sarah, I’ve always needed a little of both, but leaned more towards city. Now, as I get older, I want both with the tilt more towards the country.

  3. Dear Sabrina
    I understand so well what you are saying. When we managed the hotel in very rural China, most of our guests were expats living in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen or Hong Kong. They had great jobs, wonderful houses, a nanny, opportunities etc. but they never saw the stars, never felt refreshed when stepping out of their houses and when they came to stay in our village, they often realized what price they were paying.

    When our Assistant Manager was once asked on the telephone how many stars the hotel had (she didn’t know what this meant), she looked outside, up to the sky, and answered “I don’t know, possibly about one million”.

    Instead of all of us moving away from the cities, lets all start doing something for a better air. Lets make it our goals to see the stars again.

    Thank you for your contribution with great words in this article. I think it will make many readers realize that there are actually stars in the sky if we only stop to remember.

    All the best from Mexico


    1. Nadine, perfectly said. And I love your Assistant Manager’s response!

  4. Just saw Hello Lonesome…thoroughly enjoyed it

    1. Thanks so much, Erik. Very sad to have not been there this weekend to see it open in my city.

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