Tuscan twisting

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Here’s what you get when you mix yoga and wine country: yesterday in class, here on my yoga retreat tucked into a Tuscan hill, after an all afternoon wine tasting, as we all bent and twisted in our vinyasa flow, the teacher said, “Okay, we are going to do some variations. For those of you who are drunk, just keep doing the flow.” I may never leave.


Morning coffee spot

Ebbio retreat center

Bedroom view

Dove’s nest in bathroom window

country life




So good!

Baby grapes


This little guy came to my plate for scraps.

Hen house, where I saw a rooster having a little too much fun.

Peacock in the hen house, not having so much fun.

Even the donkey is happy here.





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  1. my kind of yoga ! great photos!

  2. bellissime foto!

    It’s been too long since the last time I went to Tuscany. Your post brings back some amazing memories.

    buon yoga.

  3. Great photos! Now where can I sign up for this yoga outing?!?

  4. What a wonderful place! Even a bird’s nest in a window is picturesque there. Great photos!

  5. Oh, how wonderful! And a donkey? I love, love, LOVE donkeys x

  6. That was unfair, this kind of envy inducing post should not be allowed.

    Totally amazing!

  7. made me smile to see it all.

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  9. That looks amazing! I am starting to save now! A yoga retreat in Tuscany? Perfection.

  10. Very nice feet! Is yours Sabrina?

    1. Mine, Tom. And I do believe you are the first person to ever compliment them. Thank you.

      1. I’m sorry, because they are really wonderful! 🙂
        Thank you for your answer, I wish you a lot of beautiful, adventurous and full of experience journeys!

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