New York, New York

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I’ve missed blogging. I walk the streets with my camera hanging heavy in my hands, but I know the city too well.

I’ve been back for 3 weeks. The streets reach up into my feet as I pound them endlessly, walking.

I love New York.

I LOVE New York.

To be home.

To know something so intimately.

But familiarity bleeds into numbness now.

I wonder if once you start moving, you can never stop.

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  1. But at the same time, you can turn a corner and seemingly overnight, an entire building has appeared, or disappeared. The bagel shop that’s been at the same location forever has shut down. The diner where you’ve been a regular is a bank. There’s an outdoor cafe or a farmers market where there used to be an empty lot. Or the other way around.

    Columbus Circle, where I think you took this photo, has a brand-new subway station. Clean white walls and modern art have replaced decades of grime and wear. And sameness.

    And the same old places can take on new looks at sunrise. After the lunch crowd leaves. In a blizzard. When school’s out. When a fire hydrant’s open. When a busload of school kids, or protesters or Minnesotans is visiting. And one block off your usual path, there can be something so new and different, or so old and unexpected, that you feel like an out of towner in your own city.

  2. going home is such a facinating experiance. its changed and the same, just like us. i think living a rich adventurous life kind of sets you up to feel like u2’s song,’ with or without you’, if this makes sense. when your one place you can’t wait to get somewhere else, and something always feels like its missing (my husband always tells me this when he’s on an adventure). turtles and snails have it easy, their homes are always with them.

    as far as wheather or not you stop moving, i think you get to choose.

    i love having a connection to the city i’ve grown to love (hug my girl for me!), more ny please.

  3. Between “I wonder if once you start moving, you can never stop.” and your many other posts expressing similar sentiments, you sound like a grown up version of a TCK! No doubt your daughter is one – have you checked out ? At the very least, it provides reassurance that others feel the same! Happy travels.

  4. Allen,

    Yes. I noticed the new clean walls and have been completely surprised by the intercom system on the trains which remarkably can now be understood. And yes, stores have closed and corners change constantly. It’s so wonderful. I can tell how much you love the city. It’s still my favorite place in the world as well.


    It makes perfect sense! I sit in Rome aching to be in NY and once in NY I want to wander far away again. Maybe we just need to know home is still there. And more NY to come…


    I checked it out. I think I might see some similarity there, yes. And my daughter for sure. Thank you so much for introducing me to the site.

  5. Welcome home, Sabrina. It’s a great city to immerse yourself in.

  6. So great to know you’re so close. I miss you and love reading your blog. New York has always been your true ‘home.’ Getting on a plane to Mexico in an hour. Adios for now mi amiga.

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