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The Museum of Natural History in NYC is having a frog exhibition and it’s quite something:









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  1. Tracy, my wife, loves frogs! Thanks for the scoop, we may need to take a trip… 🙂

    1. Jason, who knew frogs were so cool! Your wife has good taste.

  2. i love frogs. next time i’m going to this museum.(they might be gone by then, but that’s okay) i like your photos too sabrina, nice!

    1. Such a good Museum, Lori. Even if the frogs are gone, they will have something else really cool. And there’s always the standing exhibits, like the human body and space. I am such a geek for all that.

  3. They had a similar exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago a few years ago, but I didn’t get to go see it. Thanks for the photos.

    1. Robert, next time they hop your way, you must.

  4. For those with children (or inner children), the Barenaked Ladies produced an album with children’s songs. One, “Polywog in a Bog,” is clever, catchy, and includes a reggae section that tops it all off. Youtube has a version with puppets:

  5. WOW – any one of those could possibly be my prince. . . . . .

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