On the road

reddirtlattes/ August 2, 2011/ Uncategorized/ 6 comments

Finally out of cities. There’s so much space.  I find myself bouncing against emptiness, unable to catch me, or resist against boundary. Falling into nothingness, where I hope at least, on my back, the stars will fill me with something. The thing I came looking for.

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  1. Your posts and photos always inspire me to look closer at the view from my own lens of life… Thank you Sabrina.

    1. Thanks, Melanie. What a nice comment. I am always inspired by others, so happy to inspire as well.

  2. that horse picture is pretty awesome

    1. Thanks, Chad. I like that one as well. He’s quite a feisty one and I wanted to try and capture that.

  3. I guess that’s a peahen in the last photo?

    1. Robert, that’s just what it is. I love the chaos of it flying in front of the stationary people.

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