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reddirtlattes/ August 8, 2011/ photography/ 10 comments

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  1. so beautiful-have to share

    1. thanks, Robyn.

  2. Sabrina, the hummingbird photos are fantastic. Can I inquire about what you are shooting with and what your exposure settings might have been like?

    1. Thanks, Chad. Actually, the camera did the shots for me really. I just got a new lens and was playing around with it, so had the camera on automatic high speed setting. It’s a Canon Rebel, 250 zoom. It makes me look good.

  3. I just love dropping by to see the world through your eyes. It always appears so fresh and teeming with life. I just want to push against the computer screen and frolic in the your world. On my side of the screen my yard is slightly brown, patchy and full of dog poo. 🙂 The only wildlife are a few terrified tiny toads attempted to evade one of my dogs.

    1. Thanks, Junebug. Always happy when you drop by. It’s one of the fun things about this blog. It makes me open my eyes and find beauty everywhere. Under that “slightly brown yard” is a world waiting for you in the dirt.

  4. I love the juxtaposition of the first two hummingbird shots, one framed left/second framed right. The translucence of the left wing on the second photograph captures the beauty of strength and fragility at the same time. Flight is just that, yes?

    I also like the final water shot in particular. Your shutter speed captures the awesome chaotic elegance of water that we’d only see when it’s “frozen:” droplets suspended in the air, icicle-like fingers flying upward from larger ‘pool’ of water, etc.

    Do you have favorites?

    An aside: last night, our family watched “Secretariat” – that horse’s eyes in the film. Deep, enigmatic.

    Camera in hand, you capture images most of us pass right by. Thanks.

    1. Malcolm,
      I, too, love the last water shot. We had just hiked up a waterfall and I felt the sheer power of it was too much for me to capture in my lens, so I focused down, into the river running out from it, and found such beauty there that has also passed me by many times.

      And yes, the horse eye. I love that one. This horse has recently been injured and has captured my heart, and in the pic I feel you can really see what he’s been through.
      He’s much better now.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. precious pics!

  6. I wondered if you’d gotten a new camera, brillant hummer photos!!

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