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August nights in British Columbia:

But I get to do this:

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  1. Where are you in BC that you have to bundle up like that in August? I know we haven’t had the warmest weather this summer, but in most places in the province the temperatures have been reasonable – even average – although we’ve been down in sunshine.

    I hope you get some warm days to enjoy what BC has to offer. Best place in the world, I think, but I have to admit to being prejudiced. 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s been a rough summer for BC, hasn’t it? But we lucked out. The days have been filled with sunshine since we got here (we are up north in Bulkley Valley), but the nights are freezing!
      And yes, it’s pretty spectacular.

  2. Yes, the Bulkley Valley can be cold at night. I grew up in the Skeena Valley, slightly north and west, but went to summer camps in that area and we were always glad to have campfires. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your time here.

  3. You get to bundle up and sit beside a beautiful summer fire, lucky!

  4. LOL Sabrina, the first pic of you i find quite funny,why?you ask,well i am Canadian,and yup in north B.C. It can get a weee bit nippy lol,as for the pictures of the flames,now that……..for me,can be quite spiritual,flames captivate me calms my tumultuous spirit,its captivating dance licking through the air with a unsatiable hunger consuming very slowly,in a very quite way,it grabs my attention and i go in a trance like focus,yes my thoughts races away from everything and a deep appeasing calm pervades my soul,these pictures are awesome, quite the photo artist very special pictures thanks for sharing them have a nice stay in B.C.

  5. Love a great fire on a chilly night… Hopefully yours included roasted marshmallows, too! ;o)

  6. Beautiful! What lovely pics on all your posts x

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