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The summer is winding down, should have been home by now. We ran from two islands, but Irene caught us in NY and has us grounded. No space on any airlines, so we wait, stuck, packed, ready, in memories.

We left this behind, spending our last day on the farm haying:

My husband got to do this:

while I ran around finding things like this:

I had no idea a wasp’s nest could be as the moon, with a man sitting inside it.

And yes, it was beautiful, the mountains and sky and space and rivers. I like that.

But I love this:

I need this:

When I climb into water, I climb back into myself. No matter how long I have been away, I find it just beneath the surface. It’s always there waiting. Sometimes for too long. Sometimes, I believe, I cry simply to taste salt.

Little crabs came to visit:

I caught a lizard being coy:

The moon stayed with us all day:

The last morning, before we had to evacuate our little dollop of sand that sits in the middle of heaven, the rain came briefly, but hard, turning the water into diamonds. We ran into it, warmth hugging our legs and bodies, heads smacked with a cooler type of wetness. It left as quickly as it came, leaving behind even more beauty:

Everything must come to an end.

I feel full. The last two weeks at the sea filled my cup. I am ready to go back now. Discover Rome all over again, discover it anew.

But we sit in NY, and wait….

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  1. The hay pics made me miss the farm and spending my summers tossing bales. Love that coy little lizard.
    I wish your family a safe trip home.

    1. Thanks, Junebug.

  2. I understand your feelings about the sea…for some of us it really is like going home. Hope you escape the waiting soon…

    1. Chrisy, happy to meet a fellow sea lover.

  3. Just been catching up. Beautiful pictures and words, as ever. x

    1. As yours always are as well, Miranda.

  4. This is beautiful, Sabrina. My favorite line “Sometimes, I believe I cry, simply to taste salt.”

    Clever writing. Great photos. It’s a gift to be brought into your mind and your life. And a joy to be a part of it while you’re in the city. Selfishly, I’m glad y’all are grounded so we get a bit more of you to tuck away in our back pockets.

    1. So happy to see you here, Mackenzie. Thank you for the support. x

  5. Oh wow, what beautiful sea, and writings. Hope you’ve managed to get home safely xx

    1. Almost, Shiny. Almost. A few more days to go….

  6. Great pics!! Believe your little lizard is a type of skink, but not sure.Love the shots of the cloud formations.

    1. A skink, huh? I like that. Thanks, Robert.

  7. The line — “Sometimes, I believe, I cry simply to taste salt.” — does what writing does at its best.

    Unrelated to above post: How can I catch “Hello Lonesome?”

    Eager to see it, and my wife reports via Netflix it’s not released yet as a DVD.

    We’ll wait, if that’s the situation. Thanks.

    1. Thanks so much, Malcolm. I’ll have to steal from myself when I finally write that novel.

      I believe “Hello Lonesome” will be available soon via Netflix. It had a long run with Vidoe on Demand, but not sure if it is still there. You can check out the website, which might have more info:

  8. so your back home, can’t wait to see more of your lovely pics! these are wonderful sabrina! so many great memories you’ve returned with.

    1. Lori, it was the best summer yet, and aren’t pictures just a great way to catch those memories? I won’t forget that rainbow now that I have it stuck in time.

  9. i feel this way about the sea too. the part about that you cry to taste the salt is so touching it almost makes me cry. beautiful beautiful photographs from someone who so clearly knows beauty when she sees it. thank you


    1. Thanks, KJ. It sure is a beautiful world.

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