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I am in love. Italy is now mine. It took a dark, edgy city to pull me in, and sink me. Naples is deep. It’s dirty. It’s sexy. It’s everything you think of when you think of Pacino, Deniro, men in dark suits whispering in corners. Sure, there is the Corso lined with expensive boutiques and monuments of stunning beauty, all perched upon hills that fall into an endless sea, but like an alley cat I staked the streets I was warned not to go. I leaned into the whispers and studied the faces distorted from not towing the line. I watched eyes watching mine and tried to catch the passion leaking from the sewers. My heart beat faster there. Even back in Rome it all looks new. I think we might be here for a while, caught, trapped.  It runs in my blood. My heritage. I have come home.

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  1. Oh, I so know what you mean about Naples!

    Many of my friends here warned me not to go. It’s dangerous, it’s crazy, it’s dirty, etc.

    It reminded me of NYC before ‘disneyfication”. I loved it. Maybe it’s because I grew up with a lot of people whose families came from that area. The faces look familiar to me.

    I’ve been to Naples twice but only for day trips. I would like to spend a long weekend there.

    It was weird to be in a city that size and not see any American tourists. Not even in the Archeological museum which is one of the best in the world.

    Your photos are incredible.

  2. Nice. Delightfully evocative photography. I remember my mother telling me, many years ago, of a time when her cruise ship stopped at Naples and she and her two girlfriends were cautioned most sternly by the captain not to go ashore without chaperones. So, being inclined probably not dis-similarly to yourself, they slipped ashore by themselves that night. She reported to me some years later, in suspiciously vague terms, that they had a WONDERFUL time.

  3. Oh, it sounds fabulous. When I was in Spain in May we also stalked those back streets filled with people and life and passion and I loved it. I should do it more often at home, too. Such beautiful, red-blooded pics, thank you xx

  4. aahh, i’ve been there too and i felt the same way. gritty authentic. i can’t wait to go back.

    you write beautifully. i’m glad to get to know you.


  5. Oh my goodness! Stunning images Sabrina! I’m in love, too.

  6. WOW! You have done it, felt it in your blood. You have finally arrived. Can’t wait to read and see more.

  7. Wow prolific expression Sabrina. I love it. So few words can say so much. <3

  8. What a wonderful post. The over-flowing trash reminds me of the beauty the young character films in the twirling-in-the-wind plastic bag in Alan Ball’s “American Beauty.” Sacred in the ordinary.

  9. Amazing photos, and words… I am so happy I have rediscovered your blog, and will not miss your posts from now on!

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