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So, I’ve started smoking again. You can’t live in Italy and not have the occasional cigarette, unless you choose to never open your mouth. Just today, as I was walking past a friendly face and opened up a hello, the man next to me exhaled and with a perfect flick of his head sent the smoke directly into my waiting smile and I actually blew out with him. Even when I try to play soccer on the streets, dogging everyone with a flame, they wait in doorways, huddled together under a cloud of doom that I must part and become part.

I must share though that the relief it has offered me, as a parent, has been enormous. I will never have to wonder when and if my daughter will have a first cigarette. That happened at 3.

And coffee. Oh, coffee. I love it. I want to sit in the cup and play in it for while. But it’s so small. No matter how little I sip, no matter how hard I try to not suck, it’s over in 3 tries. It’s why there are no chairs at the bars. Your ass would never hit that seat with liquid still in that cup. So, I order many cups and this is why I no longer sleep.

And the lovers. On every corner. These young Italians with hormones exploding all over the street. Hands and fingers and tongues and looks of longing that if I stare hard enough start to pull me in and I do worry about collisions. Must I be reminded every day that I didn’t get to be a teenager the Italian way? Yeah, that really sucks.

So, I guess the only thing to do is have another glass of wine, and love every minute of it.

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  1. You are living the life! Enjoy!

  2. I love you. In all of your caffeinated and smoking glory. I love your blogs, your words, your photos and I beg of you: drink more coffee so you can stay up and do more, more , more. I will see you in Italy in July. Until then, keep producing. Your blog makes me feel alive.

  3. Love your outlook on life Sabrina:)

  4. Hi Sabrina,
    I quite enjoy both your posts and photos, they’re very heartwarming and picturesque.
    However in this case here’s my opinion – nothing worthwhile comes from smoking in the long run. Why did you stop in the first place?
    Furthermore, your daughters first cigarette might not be a worry, but the 2nd, 3rd and 10,000th might present a problem! Academic studies have shown that children of smokers have a much higher predisposition to smoke themselves.
    Just a passing thought.

  5. God I miss smoking. (sniff) I love to smell other people’s smoke. Thank goodness I will never have to give up coffee. Every time I read your blog I’m reminded how much I want to go to Italy.

  6. ah smoke. how i miss you.

    compelling writing in a compelling country from a compelling woman.

    go for the passion. it will likely bring you a bit of trouble, but it’s clear you know what you’re doing. :^)


  7. I am charmed that many of my readers have concluded from the above that I have actually started smoking again. On the contrary, I am a reluctant passenger on this ride, simply breathing, which here in Italy is a bit complicated.

  8. I agree with Junebug, above.. even after giving it up for about 15 years! I’m enjoying all your impressions of Italy

  9. sigh – cheers – smooch

  10. Funny how people take things at first degree! Love it… smoke and drink and inhale away…. live life… when do I get to come?….by the way gave up smoking 8 years ago….but not the coffee and wine ;))
    . Sxxx Ps have news…

  11. sorry forgot to add…. yeh why didn’t we grow up as teenagers in Rome?

  12. you live in a different world sabrina (or i do), i would love to visit there someday.

  13. What cracks me up is some of the lovers making out in the street are not so young.

    It gives me hope!

  14. Beautiful, passionate, delicious, alive, wonderful. Yum. Just yum x

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