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  1. Sabrina, good to see you posting again. I get a real “buzz” from this photo.

    Seymour Schwartz

  2. You’ve been “busy as a bee” with these posts the last week or so, haven’t you?

  3. Ouch. I am biting my lip to keep from saying, “To bee or . . . ” (but, as you can see, I was only partly successfuly).

    Lovely image. Thank you.

  4. what can i say, all these comments are so clever

    bee here or bee square


    1. The best will be rewarded with a jar of honey fresh from the bee hive.
      The worst will face the sting from a bumble- ing firing squad of bee bee guns.

  5. Ha! Loving the comments. Keep em coming. Who knew a simple photo could be so fun.

  6. Never to turn down a challenge, as the bee dances around the flower, I wonder if you can hear the Cole Porter song “Beegin the Beeguine”?

  7. bee utiful!!!

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