Squirrel away

reddirtlattes/ April 1, 2012/ Uncategorized/ 5 comments

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  1. Looks like he’s looking for some mischief to get into!

  2. Sabrina, could you explain the context of this photo? It looks like a squirrel trap. With the trap rope obviously attached to a tree branch, the picture of the tree must be upside down. But then why is the squirrel looking up toward the branches or sky instead of looking down toward you on the ground? And what it is in the trap as I can’t quite make it out? It doesn’t look like food which you would expect to be in there.

    This picture is kinda squirrely.

    1. The place I am subletting here in Los Angeles is in the middle of a beautiful garden. The landlords have decided there are too many squirrels, so have set traps to catch them. Bit of a Sisyphean task if you ask me, since for every one they haul out, 3 more appear.
      This particular little guy managed to get the can of cat food (who knew!) loose and used his paws to scoop it out through the bars. And the whole time I sat there rooting for him. Don’t tell my landlords.

      1. Apropos of absolutely nothing at all, may I just say how delightful it is to me that sisyphean seems to be a widely-used adjective in US English? We don’t have squirrels up here in Aotearoa, nor, sadly, do we have common use of such superbly succinct sibilance.

  3. Old post yes but I love my squirrels. I have a pecan tree and watch them Dig in the snow for loot. Mine greet me in the morning on the porch. As I pull in they climb my brick house. I even find cracked shells on my porch mantle.

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