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  1. Where was this taken?

    1. Robert, sorry for my late reply. It’s exam time.
      It was taken in a friend’s back yard in California, while my daughter was playing with water.

  2. Saw this when we just came home after seeing “The Hunger Games”. Great movie and one can ascribe many meanings to this pix relating to it.

    At first I thought this may be your daughter but the arm and hand seem to be of someone older than her.

    The liquid may be symbolic but it looks like water rather than sweat. My suspicion is that any symbolism is what anyone chooses to make of it and in itself it has no meaning. Was it a chance occurrence or was it staged?

    It is a great picture allowing one to freely associate.

    1. Apologizing for all my tardy responses. Deep in study mode for exams. It is my daughter and she is getting bigger! It wasn’t staged. She was playing with water while I was lying on the grass and when I looked up at her arm from that angle, I quickly reached for my camera. Happy you like it.

  3. Beautiful photo. I discovered your blog via random googling after finally watching the show Numb3rs, and I am now just gorging on it.

    1. Thanks so much! “Gorging” is such a good word.

      1. If you gorge on NUMB3RS, you will forever be counting the number of episodes remaining!

  4. I love the picture, it indeed allows one to freely associate. It could also be the call (or reach) for water on a terribly hot day. The great thing about photography that we have zillions of scenes to capture if you look through the lens. Looking through the lens of course narrows the wide vision you have, but can make a ‘regular’ scene so very special.

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