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The butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Natural History did not fail to impress today. Again, the wonder children bring back into your life. I remember when I was younger I used to collapse under the sheer heaviness that we are on a planet spinning in space, fast. I would sit at a river’s edge and imagine dinosaurs walking through it and could not speak as my mouth filled with mystery and miracles.

Just thirty minutes of watching butterflies today and I am once again in awe, and feeling the tilt of the axis.

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  1. “could not speak as my mouth filled with mystery and miracles” – what a wonderful turn of phrase, as always! Thanks for reminding us to take some time to remember that life is, literally, wonder-full.

    1. Thanks so much, Stuart. And yes, “wonder-full.” I like that.

      1. When speaking of mysteries and miracles , don’t omit the fact that the charm which shone from you in Sliders and Sports Night is apparently sufficient to let you get within kissing distance of a camel and not be spat upon!

  2. Was this at the L.A. County Museum of Natural History? I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard it was a pretty good museum. It looks like this would be a really interesting exhibit.

    1. It sure was, Robert. The butterfly pavilion is there till September. We had missed it last year in NY (the frogs had moved in), so happy we caught it here in LA.

  3. I went to a butterfly museum I believe in Key West, Florida a few years ago. Amazingly as you walked in a controlled area butterflies would flit and flirt surrounding you and even landed on your head, shoulder, and foot.

    Having been raised in Florida, did you ever visit that museum in Key West?


    1. I never did, Seymour. Didn’t make it that far south very often. It was the same at the museum here. They happily landed on anyone willing to stand still for a moment.

  4. Our local zoo has a small area where they have parakeets, and finches year-round, and butterflies in the summer. Never had the chance to visit when they had butterflies, but I’ve been there a few times and had the finches land on me, much like your butterflies. The little fellows are so tame and friendly, you practically can’t stop them from landing on you.

    1. Oh, I would love to do that! Never had a bird land on me. It sounds like it could become addictive.

  5. Oh, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. They’re just so perfect I find it hard to wrap my head around xx

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