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As my sojourn in the states comes to an end and Italy looms closer every day, I find myself reflecting on all I will miss and the things I most certainly won’t.


Things I will miss:

The diversity.


Endless hot showers in wintertime.

Heated cafés and restaurants in wintertime.

Considerate drivers (at least here in LA).

Enormous playgrounds in which to watch your child run free and have a ball.

Progressive education options.

Jon Stewart.

Opening night movies.

Barnes and Noble, where I happily can spend an entire afternoon.

Mexican food.

The ability to see a doctor in August.


Internet plans that let you just keep having internet without it running out at random times.

Stores that stay open all day.

New York. New York. New York.


The things I can do without:

Pundits. I watched someone on the news the other day speculating on a speculation made by someone speculating on an original speculation.

The continuing, embarrassing war on women.


Outrageous school fees and a failing public system for those who cannot afford it.

Campaign spending.

GMO foods.

Youth obsession.

Oversized meals. (Unless of course it’s Mexican food.)

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  1. From a VERY selfish point of view, I look forward to your return to Italy in the hopes that you might be able to source the recipe for “The Marocchino”, but beyond that self-centred viewpoint, I very much enjoyed your two lists above.

    I was particularly struck by one item on your “things I can do without” list: Campaign spending.

    I am passionately apolitical, but follow global politics with keen interest, and it is more than a little surreal to see the world richest nation, and the world’s largest debtor nation, spending upwards of two billion dollars in “free” elections. In all the increasingly polarised and emotive coverage of the US campaign, yours is the first comment I’ve read to highlight this supra-partisan issue. Thank you very much for your laudable common sense perspective on this.

    On a much lighter note, I smiled at your mention of diversity as something you’ll miss – English friends who lived in Pesaro for 5 years used to periodically fly back to London just to get decent Indian food! 🙂

    1. Stuart, I will get you that recipe.
      Thank you for your comments on campaign spending. All perfectly said. I am outraged at the failing economy and public offerings, such as schools, understaffed and underpaid, while politicians “buy” their way into people’s hearts and minds. It has truly gotten out of hand.
      And I am coastal dweller here in the states. From Florida to NY to LA, all pockets of beautiful, wonderful, delicious diversity here in our melting pot country.

  2. Heh, try to find a decent taco outside of California. That’s still (one of?) the top thing(s) I miss about the West Coast after almost four years away.

    Couldn’t agree with you more about pundits and campaign spending. They’re two sides of the same coin…something has gone seriously wrong there and just needs to change.

    Best of luck on The Boot!

  3. Sometimes we need to get away to a different culture to refine our perspective. You’ll be glad you went.

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