Olympic fever

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Once every four years I get to watch men and women run, swim, jump, fly. Once every four years, for two weeks, I am satiated, riveted. Sure, the winter games are on as well, but it’s the sweat and heat that brings me down. The States tried to take it from me, my once-every-four-years ice cream cone. In America all that matters is ratings. Which network wins which prize and how much money they can make from it. For one week I sat in the dungeon of NBC coverage while finishing my too-long-stay back from where I came. Coverage which showed almost exclusively American athletes, ridiculous ratings driven “home stories,” and worst of all simply 3 hours a night after all the results were already in and covered in the preceding news program.
So imagine my delight when finally returning to my home in Rome to find full 24 hour coverage, LIVE! It’s Sunday and I am finally lifting my head from the screen. Thank you, Rome. It feels so good to be home.

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Spent three days watching the Olympics in the US, but have been in New Zealand for the last two weeks. So many sports that, living in the US, you’d have no idea even existed let alone got some clips of. You’d think that since NBC owns the Olympics and Comcast owns NBC that they could air some of the other stuff on another channel, no? L-A-M-E.

  2. You should have come to London – the atmosphere is amazing.

    1. Paul, I bet. How cool you got to experience that.

  3. -Gravity don’t mean a thing.

  4. Olympic fever, mis muchachos! I always think about Natalie Hurley’s love of the Olympics every time the games come around and it’s nice to hear that art was imitating life.

    I survived on the live feeds from the nbcolympics website with the BBC commentators, I was able to skip most of the NBC primetime coverage.

    1. Seamus, don’t get me started on that! Not being a permanent resident, I did not have a cable subscription so could not watch the online coverage. Crooks.

  5. Reading all the tweets from my American friends, I was glad for the Canadian coverage. Except for local news breaks, CTV had 24-hour coverage and it’s sister sports station, TSN, also had many hours of live coverage during the day. In addition, they had online coverage, many times covering different events on each channel so one could switch back and forth. Although they definitely highlighted Canadian athletes, they covered all events whether Canadians were participating or not – and did some wonderful vignettes on athletes from other countries.

  6. I, too, was completely hooked – such exciting stuff. I’m not a huge sports fan usually, but there’s something about all the emotion attached to the Olympics that makes it unmissable. It does make me cry, though. A lot! xx

  7. I wish we had unbiased coverage here in SA!! especially when our young champion beat Michael Phelps … I love the swimming and some of the athletics.

  8. What a great metaphor–once-every-four-years ice cream cone! Wow!
    For some reason I enjoyed this Olympics more than in previous ones, However, if anything, my impression was that there was less emphasis on Americans particularly in competition with other countries than in the past.

    I think there was greater attention paid to outstanding athletes who were the ones to watch in competition with American favorites than I can remember in previous Olympics. Less emphasis on American nationalistic, jingoistic talk. Love Bob Costos who was more understated than usual.

    I do share the mesmerizing affect in watching sports that you do not normally watch during the year. And the defying of gravity–especially the toma….? gymnastic event. Unbelievable. Such strength yet flexibility.

    Seymour Schwartz

    P.S. Did you see Woody Allen’s latest movie set in Rome.? Great.

    1. Haven’t seen it, but hope to soon. And yes, better coverage a bit, but still not enough for me. I want it all!

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