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I want to catch time, bottle it, take it out when I need it, inhale it slowly, sip it, devour it, but it runs from me, and although I sometimes see it just within my reach, it quickly disappears behind a tree, or I lose it in shadows. I haven’t forgotten about this space, place, to share and record. I just need to catch that time.

The nice thing about waiting is I’ve been collecting some more facts, observations about Rome, the Romans, life here in Italy:

If you have to park your car, you cannot slow down to try and find a spot. Nothing will annoy a Roman more. You must slam on your breaks and turn sharply, never missing a beat in your speed.

You cannot get blood taken at a doctor’s office. You must go to an official lab, which will then contact you with the results, which you must come and pick up yourself, and then deliver them back to your doctor.

Old Italians (or at least my friend’s grandmother) believe(s) that baring your stomach is why you get sick. You must protect the belly with wool at all times.

Italians are terrified of breezes. You will be on a bus, melting, but do not even think of opening a window or you will be scolded.

The mosquitoes are worse here than in Africa. It’s October and they are still swarming, eating.

Restaurants do not cut your pizza for you. If you order a pie, you must carve it up yourself.

Oranges ripen in winter, so as the city falls into a deep chill, the grey skies are dotted with orange balls.

Garbage is not picked up at your residence. You must take it to the communal trash cans scattered about the neighborhood.

The electricity is fragile. You must pick one appliance to use at a time or risk blowing a circuit.

Romans like their red meat raw. And I mean raw, not rare, raw.

Sometimes, after it rains, there will be a slight red dusting on everything. This is from the winds that come from Africa, dropping red dirt from the Sahara desert that it’s picked up along its way.

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  1. red dirt on everything, so interesting. wouldn’t have even thought of that. totally worth the time away.

  2. I have to say this made me laugh today:)

  3. Awesome post 🙂

  4. Pretty cool facts!

  5. Your first sentence was a great literary allusion. I have to remember it and make up some variation when I need to plea mea culpa for my procrastination, forgetfulness, or busyness.

    My son, when he attended university in Florence in his junior year used to complain to us about the frequent brown outs. Yuk. I remember those in the summertime as a kid in Chicago.

    Please try to find out the origin of the folklore of protecting a bare stomach to ward off illness.

    A close friend and former colleague used to say the way of life of the people of Italy is the most relaxing and civilized way of living. I wonder when you look at their driving habits in the big city as well as your description of taking a blood test.

    Enjoy your time there and don’t forget to vote absentee as long as you vote
    right, errr. I mean left. 🙂


  6. I love this!! I love all your observations and facts! I found Italy to have a wild calm pace also. My spirit and creativity were thankful for it

    This experience sounds pretty cool. And red dirt and red dirt. No coincidences….. 🙂


  7. So glad you’re writing again. Always great fun to read whenever you’re able to take the time. Thanks.

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    you are the epitome of beauty and nobility in my eyes, and I love you so much. I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to be reading what’s on your mind. SO GLAD i’ve found this blog! you have no twitter, no facebook… at least I can see how you’re doing through these amazingly witty posts of yours.
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