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  1. Stunning shot, Sabrina. Tea?

    1. Thanks Malcolm. Yes, tea.

  2. The Mystery–What’s In It?

    smoking hot
    well used and stained cup
    sitting on a wooden table
    plainly designed generic like inexpensive spoon, probably from your
    apartment or a cafe
    since spoon is standing straight up, cup is rather deep suggesting it
    is more likely a mug rather than a cup
    since the rim has chips, and the stains are heavy suggesting well used,
    this may be from a cafe or is your own mug being well-worn having travelled
    far and wide
    what looks like a stain left of the spoon is really a shadow of the inside of the
    cup as it overlays part of the spoon

    Could be coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Decision time. My guess——
    TEA mainly because the surface of the liquid is translucent and can be seen in about 1/8 of an inch on the inner surface of the cup and most importantly as a very lightly stain on the spoon.

    The brown coloration of the tea is probably because you like your tea strong and the barf color of the cup (I can’t think of any other color it resembles) is reelected in the depth and density of the liquid.

    I think I had too much time on my hands resulting in this explication.
    However, how much of it did I get right or wrong?


    1. Mostly right, Seymour. It’s lemon ginger, the spoon for honey. In my theory class for school we read about taking the time to really look into something, and to be a writer you must always see such detail. Thank you for that inspiration and reminder.

  3. I’m studying Visual Communication these days and on photography class we learn about compositions and angles of a picture… this one is GREAT. my teacher would be proud of you 😛 (even though he’s no one compare to you in my eyes… but you get my point haha)

  4. What a beautiful pic. I’m always envious of beautiful pics, because I’m really bad at taking them. I’ve moved from Almost Thirty Three, gone more public. I’m at, if you’re interested. Still trying to work out how to link to my favourite blogs (yours). Love, from hot-hot-hot tip of Africa, Briony (Shiny) x

  5. My least favorite time of year. I searched your blog to warm my spirits on this dreary day in NY. You did not disappoint. This photo reminded me of a friend who used to like to put a warm cup of tea against his face on bitter days like today. Great pic, warm thoughts, just what I needed:)

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