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  1. Thanks. The votes are not all in on our survival as a species, but this is one more in favor.

  2. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much.

  3. That photo is heart-meltingly sweet, and as concisely expressive as you writing. Thank you, and may your family always be this beautiful.

    1. Thanks Stuart.

  4. Congrats to you, your husband, AND your daughter. Observing the rather masculine looking fingers and green outfit, I guessed the latest family addition is a boy, and then I looked at the picture again and noticed the title ‘Brother’.
    That’s what happens as you get older.

    What a wonderful intertwining-interlocking picture. The title ‘Brother’ is a double entendre. Shows family connection, both micro nuclear family and macro family of humankind. If only this was universal by the time brother and sister grow up; that would be quite a bright outlook for them.

    1. I have those moments now, Seymour! And I love your thought on the double entendre. You made my picture even more beautiful with that. Thank you.

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Love reading you and viewing your photography, Sabrina! 🙂 Both you and Flicka (I went to Interlochen with her and that’s what we call her) have turned to blogging and are doing a great job!! Keep on posting!

  7. Beautiful photography and prose, Sabrina! Congrats!

  8. Where’d u go Sabrina?

    1. Jess, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of motherhood. I hope to resurface soon.

      1. Should I take it as an encouraging sign that you’re now a contributor at Felicity’s website? I hope it means that you’ll be sharing more of your adventures with us.

  9. Hello Mrs Lloyd,

    As a current Fed Leo/helo pilot, husband to 20yr Cardiologist/Surgeon and father of 3 daughters 2 of which are in medicine on just finished her residency, one just starting hers and my baby who is now attending the USAF Academy. My wife and I are in our mid 40’s and we used to watch Sliders or my wife turned me on to it while she was attending surgery school. Btw This is NOT meant to brag or showoff as you’ll see why.

    Fact is we don’t watch much TV or Films as we are so busy but we told our kids about the show and our kids loved it so much they got thru (or 2 older daughters) University, premed, med school and even the rare breaks they get or got during residency they even showed the show to their friends or other fellow MD’s and OD’s and most said it made their life easier. No joke like to music, certain media like Sliders or Quantum Leap etc can alter mood etc.

    My point is Sliders is by far our favorite TV series in the same league as the original Star Trek imo, so just wanted to say thank you for making a show that brings back so much memories and helped many of us get thru the stress of College (I majored in Aeronautics) by watching your show. and you by far are our favorite character tho we loved all of you original four.

    Too bad by mid 3rd season things seem to have gone south. We stopped watching after the 3rd Season. It seems everything the Sci Fi channel touches gets ruined.

    So sorry for the very long and perhaps a lot of unnecessary talk. But I use voice to type as I hate typing hehe. Btw Do you keep in touch with your original cast mates? And imo and forgive me if I’m wrong but I think its great that you retired from acting as I have relatives who work in the film industry and from what I hear its not a world I like. Glad to see you are doing well and you haven’t seem to have aged a bit. Good luck and have a safe and happy holiday season Sabrina (or whomever as I just stumbled here and don’t know if you actually answer yourself or have staff or something) But same goes for everyone here! Have a good one

    Take care and again pardon the long post. Not an online guy so I ramble. hehe.

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