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  1. Like something out of Narnia

  2. I’m not much of an expert in these matters, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a place where a door should be.

    1. Robert, I keep telling myself that every day. Yet there it is.

  3. Let’s dissect that door through the power of observation and supposition.
    The door is leading against a metal fence–probably the end of the backyard of your home.

    Where is it leading? What is in front of it? What is behind? From the security of your home it is leading to the land; a space teaming with life, with vegetation, with wonderment, with mystery?

    Its opening up to Uganda, the familiar and that which has changed. It’s opening up to your new journey. The vines climbing up the fence offers another way to escape into the brush, the wilderness, the settled, and the unsettled.’

    A door welcoming you to the ‘land’. Go wander, go explore, yet with a fence offering security to your two youngins.

    No ordinary back yard. A border for the new Africa leading to the open spaces of a changing settling country. A place to be, a place to explore, a place to grow. When the time come to leave, your children will not be the same; nor will you or your husband. You have turned another page in your journey. Wanderer, settler, journeyman, journeywomen. Woman of Africa, woman of the world. Mother and wife, continue on, continue on.

    Seymour Schwartz P.S. Please post some pictures of the world in front and behind that door. And don’t lose the key.

    1. Seymour, I love it!

  4. Dear Ms. Lloyd:

    I’m the guy who posted on your Red Dirt Lattes page about the spec script I thought I sent to you through Buchwald’s in NYC.  I studied creative writing at FSU in the 80s; have been an amateur songwriter for years.  It’s an unfinanced project; have had a couple of micro offers, but nothing worth letting go of my signature work.  I would LOVE to Epitch – email you more info, and can email script, a release form and a couple of project demo songs if you like.  Would be a great privalege.  Still looking for my first script sale or option.

    I released a simple little indie music album last year via CDbaby, a collection of my pop-rock-folk originals.  From an old live solo cassette recording from my college days no less.  Not part of the movie project.  But a good litmus of my songwriting.  You can currently download the entire album for free at CDbaby.  Search for my name or the album name: An Evening in 1986.

    I got a message post from Sabrina Lloyd!  How cool is that? 🙂

    Thanks so much for your time.  Your posts and life are very interesting.

    Always a fan, Terry Hensley in Gainesville, FL

  5. That is exactly the place where a door should be Sabrina. Your writing is unique and perceptive and instinctual, but sometimes I think you pull the fog over your own eyes simply because you’re “American Culture” still tugs at you and says everything has an order, a place, and a function and this door in this place has no function.

    The thing about doors is that they open up to unique, strange, and often unexpected places. I am reminded of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which has some gloriously awesome lessons, but most remembered to me is this:

    “It was much pleasanter at home,” thought poor Alice, “when one wasn’t always growing larger and smaller, and being ordered about by mice and rabbits. I almost wish I hadn’t gone down the rabbit-hole–and yet–and yet–…”
    ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

    If only you hadn’t gone down the Rabbit Hole Sabrina. If only, yet in the end I think just as Alice eventually became wiser and more understanding of the madness all around her, so you have become in your travels.

    I am an American, and in my travels around the world myself I have seen the madness, but ambition in American culture requires order, function, and most importantly a place. You’re last entry, “Blinded” you spoke of people making assumptions. They look through their own lenses and how you watch people try to fit you into a hole, Are you still looking through your own lense?

    The Madness in the world isn’t so mad when you think about it. I am constantly reminding myself that being good, honest, and unconventional is more important than anything and to find a door in the middle of nowhere, it definitely leads to somewhere. Perhaps a Rabbit hole?

    When you left the television industry to follow your husband I think that door you walked through is exactly like the one in the picture and it symbolizes everything that represents your past and your future. I know because I often see that look of amazement in my wife’s eyes every day.

    Bless you and take care,


    “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”
    ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

    1. Thank you, Robert. I love the idea of the door as the one I walked through when I left all behind. And as for sweet Alice, I have a huge painting that has followed me on my journey, a most prized possession. In it Alice is looking at that mischief cat wondering which way to go. “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” she says. “Oh you can’t help that,” the cat replies, “We are all mad here.”

  6. Kind of reminds to to Stanley Kubricks Space Odyssey 2001..
    But maybe its just a door to slide to a world with guardians that are not only hardly working? 😉

    As i understood Seymour, a change of perspective it could offer too.
    Even since i just started to read your writings here, that is not a nessatiy to you.

    Best health to you and your family. <3
    Greetings from switzerland

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