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As spring time approaches and the world around us wakes up, I am starting a new ritual  with my children. A few times a day we have to stop and pay attention to our senses. 

What do you see? 

What do you hear? 

What do you feel? 

What do you smell? 

At dinner we take a moment to close our eyes and just focus on what we taste. 

In this crazy world of too much information and so much to do and so many things coming at them, getting ready to come at them, I want to give them a foundation of their sense. A place to come to where they inhabit their body fully.

I love meditation and focusing on thoughts, and then trying to settle into that lovely space between them. 

I love focusing on breath and how a body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. 

But we are more than our breaths, and more than our thoughts, and more than that space. We are our senses as well. 

I want to teach my children to possess theirs fully, to capture them, explore them, move through the world with them. 

What did that sunset over the Maasai Mara in Kenya really look like? 

How did that fresh pineapple floating down the river in Central America really taste? 

And then to teach them how to play with them…

How does that kind of silence make you feel? 

What do you smell when you taste something that rich? 

What do you see when you touch sadness?

Or happiness? 

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  1. New Beginnings, Aah!

    Aah, the beautiful orange crocus “springing” to life following its internal clock. To ‘watch’ those petals open to the succulence of shining light. Wonder what stories to reveal to the world from your bulb’s hidden darkness of winter? Awaken from the somnolence of its hibernation.

    Release your stored up energy to the light of day. What hidden secrets can you reveal? Share with the smells carried by the winds of the softly whispering air above the netherworld. Wooosh! Awaken to the sounds silently screaming thoughts of what a lovely day it is. How good it feels to be alive again.

    Our internal clock cries to move ahead one hour. Time pushes us forward. It is a new day! Time to enjoy, time to share, time to just be. Celebrate your rebirth. Time is beautiful. Time is sensual. Rejoice. Aah!

    Seymour Schwartz

    1. Beautiful, Seymour.

  2. Hi Sabrina, I followed from your comment on MissWhistle – lovely writing and stories and indeed stamina. My posts petered out long ago. Thanks for your thoughts, I will be back x

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