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It’s the beginning of spring. 

It’s spring break. 

The rhythm of schooled days have turned into a tossed windstorm of bike rides, beach combing, farm visits, field running, and play dough covered hands. Children who never seem to stop moving, eating, needing, loving. 

All day we play, run, eat, until we collide with our pillows at night. 

Today, I watched them laugh for a solid hour. Laugh so hard their cheeks became flushed, tears running down from the  joy of their secret shared language. 

Siblings. To watch siblings as an only child….

I love these days when time stops, where no one needs to be anywhere. When they find each other and become one in imagination. When play takes center stage and I am the audience and guide.

The kids carry me through the exhaustion of these non-stop beautiful chaotic days. I feel like their joy is the scaffolding keeping me up, keeping me going…to hear that laughter again.


Our first sprouts have sprung. Green reaching, searching for the still coy sun. We are still swaddled in blankets. 


A very sweet neighbor of mine walks down the mountain everyday to the village. She buys what she needs, then hikes back up. Sometimes she takes my offered ride. Every single day you can see her skipping down or trudging back up. I like the reliability of her. She’s part of my days without even knowing. 

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  1. Having and enjoying kids can be, for those who have the experience, one of the most magical and rewarding things in life. I particularly go crazily gaga in the presence of infants. My own or any that I see for the first and last time in public.

    My wife says that I am just a big kid myself. I think she is correct. I love being a kid again sharing myself with other kids, and especially with infants. I feel that with infants, I have a special and magical connection. I make a special funny face at infants, sometimes embarrassing my family. Most kids elicit the biggest and most happy smile. Nothing in the world like it. The look of wonderment in their eyes, total joy, and nothing else seems to matter to them except this silly old man. Total acceptance. They are fully in the moment. It is the greatest feeling in the world.

    I talk to them and I imagine we speak the same language. I make funny sounds. My favorite is quacking like a duck. They either smile or have this quizzical look in their eyes. Like, who is the strange man acting so weird? Then there are some babies who just stare at me. I feel like a failure unable to connect to them. Occasionally, one will start crying. At that moment, I sheepishly tip toe and slither away, leaving mom or dad to calm them down begrudgingly.

    One of the most beautiful experiences in life is to watch an infant sleep. They seem to not have a care in the world. No worries, no fear. They are fully in the moment. Total innocence. I suspect the only pain they know is when their biological needs are not quickly met. In their innocence, they have yet to know the darker side of life. They seem to be truly in a state of bliss. There is no punishment strong enough for anyone who abuses a child or infant.

    Asleep, they are the most beautiful of all the creatures in the whole universe. I just want to pinch their cheeks. Both on their face and on their bottom. For me, in their presence, I experience heaven on earth.
    At that moment, I am in another world, in another time, and in another place. In my head, I leave behind all my worries, concerns, and memories. I am in total peace with only beauty to envelop me. Life at its finest moment. Only happy bliss. Nothing in the world like it. Experiencing life worth living. Yes.

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