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Radical self-care.

I’ve found myself gently easing into this. No big new year’s resolution. No waking up on the 1st with a whole new agenda. My 1st of January actually looked very similar to my 31st of December.

Then the 1st turned into the 2nd, turned into the 3rd….

I’ve been homeschooling my children on the island. I wasn’t sure I could do it. I’d homeschooled my youngest for kindergarten so wasn’t so worried about tackling first grade. But 7th grade for my daughter was a whole new world.

It’s amazing to me how we can rise to an occasion. I’ve surprised myself. Loving creating their educational world, I am finding teaching so much fun. I am watching them thrive and showing them this and showing them that and every moment wanting to give them more, read to them more, create something more.

I got tired. I found myself not so much sleeping at night but collapsing into my pillow. A collision of body against bed and a restless sleep from too much stimulation.

Mornings were quicksand fueled with espresso.

I’ve been so focused on giving them the world, showing them the magic of learning. But there’s also the cooking and cleaning and snowstorms.

The dog to walk.

The shopping to get done.

My head was down and I was getting through the days.

So January 1st was just another, and then it was the 2nd, turned into the 3rd…

…and somewhere in these last few weeks self-care became my mantra.

It started with a cup of tea.

I decided I needed to break up my day with some moments of stillness. Nothing more than making a cup of tea, and sitting.  No phone, no computer, no book, nothing but looking out the window and having a cup of tea.

I did it. Day after day after day I would make my tea and quietly sit, and now it’s become a ritual, and a habit.

About a week into my new rhythm, I found myself journaling in the morning. Just a few pages, 10 minutes while the kids are still stirring and I am having my cup of coffee. It’s now been three weeks and I’ve filled a whole book with words.

I’ve started to meditate in the evening, just before I close my eyes. To lie, and listen, and breathe.

Just this week, I’ve found I can do 15 minutes of yoga while the kids eat their breakfast.

That’s it. A few stolen moments just for me. Five minutes here, ten there, fifteen tops and it’s brought a radical change into my life.

I feel ten years younger.

I get so much more done.

I am laughing more.

Sleeping better.

Hopeful about each day.

Looking up.

We don’t need some big new year resolution. Life doesn’t have to change at the stroke of midnight.

We can all start with a cup of tea.



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  1. Thanks for this. Though I’ve been trying to carve out moments like this for about a year now after a deeply-rooted anxiety problem made itself known to me, your post was something I very much needed right now.

    1. It’s why I write, in hope my story can inspire, as I am inspired by so many. Hang in there, Jack. I know anxiety very well. I hope you can find your moments.

      1. Thanks Sabrina; I appreciate that. My particular brand of anxiety manifests itself in my sleep…last night was not a good night. But all we can do is get up, meditate, exercise and make today a better day. It helps a lot to know there’s people out there who are going through the same thing…particularly when you don’t have that many people you can talk to in the first place. Keep writing…

  2. Yes. Very inspiring Sabrina. Even though our lives may be different, there is also something…be it a feeling or suffering that is part of the shared human experience. Remember, self-compassion is self caring. =)

  3. What a wonderful, affirming post. I love how you title this “Radical Self Care” when it’s both radical and not. You describe carving out a few minutes here and there until you’ve constructed growth from the accumulation of those small, still moments. They add up. And then, the result (maybe process is a better word) is indeed radical. Godspeed on your continued journey that’s so helpful to read. Funny how when you post, it’s often when I need to hear your message.

  4. It’s so hard as a parent to find a few minutes to yourself without feeling guilty. Kudos to you for following through. My kids are entering adulthood, yet, because they are both autistic, I imagine I’ll be handling parenting duties still for the foreseeable future and those few moments of pause and comfort are vital.

  5. This is so wonderful and I live for those small tiny moments I catch for myself in the day. Even if it’s sitting down to write this.

    Stephanie | SPV Living

  6. Glad to hear you’re doing well Sabrina

  7. Love this, I hope to live by example, one step, one moment, one day!

  8. I love all you’re writing and thoughts Sabrina! As a mother I really identify with so much of what you say. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely insight.

  9. The rigors of self education opens a new world of thinking and freedom. Who needs to pay tuition. All people can freely buy all materials needed and pay a challenge test fee, of about 100 to 200. Freeing time, and changing time management. This then includes only practical study dependent on whatever field is needed at such a level.

    What is great about this teaching method is if one is wise can teach the information more so then the nonsense that’s been poured into natural data(social rhetoric against kindness or planting misinformation) data. When I compare, Isanovs (Controversial break throughs) or Victorian age of discovery, Germs!, Fly’s and from electrical understanding to data base of materials and how currents travel, from electrical resistance to Oven elements, its quite a magical place, in our understandings of nature from examination to utilization.

    Cherish that time, with your kids. As your children wrestle against you, their self autonomy in some personality’s can be conflicting as they edge into the world. AS we are but shedding embers glowing in the wind of time.

    A nice reflection.


  10. This is so beautiful. My kiddos are a bit younger than yours but I too, have been searching for easy ways to find more margin and peace in my life this season. Surprisingly, there are endless opportunities to steal away for a couple minutes. Wishing you a peaceful rest of 2020.

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