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How are you handling the isolation?

We are drawing, listening to music. Trying to not read too much news (not working.)

Today was the first warm day in so very long and we had a picnic outside, right in the sunbeams.

Did you see this? Some much needed levity in this crazy situation. Thank you, Rita Wilson.

Italy is where most of my thoughts are these days.  It’s just too much. My beloved Italy, the whole world is holding you in its heart.

My husband is so many thousands of miles away, with Kenya now in lockdown as well.

Is this all real?





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  1. Hi Sabrina.

    This must be very hard for you with your husband gone. I appreciate you posting on your blog and instagram. I hope it helps to know you have an online community to help keep you company. Sending you and your family much love, compassion and prayers. ❤🙏



    1. Thank you, Chris. That is so sweet. It does help. I have to say these are the times when I am most grateful for the internet and social media. We can all be connected. Imagine all this without that connection! So grateful…

      1. Aww…You’re welcome. Such a good point about the internet and social media! Sometimes I just wanna unplug but with this going on and actually seems to help stay connected. ❤🙏

  2. Hope your husband gets home soon. That’s got to be tough on you and your family.

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