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Here in British Columbia the lockdown is about to be eased. Small steps towards a different normal.

I don’t know about you, but I am scared.

It looks like this virus is not going away. We can only hide for so long and then we have to take steps out. We have to be brave.

The one thing we can do is try and keep our bodies strong.

I am lucky that my son keeps me moving. While my daughter and I could be happy curled up on the sofa surrounded by books and paint, he has to run. And then ride his bike. Then run some more and more and more, so that I am on my feet almost all day long chasing him. It’s not always fun, but I know it’s so good for me. Remember to move your body!

The other small change you can do, if you don’t already, is add fresh herbs to your meals. I never make eggs without adding fresh parsley or dill. I never make chicken without rosemary and thyme. I make all of my potatoes with a combination of them.

Fresh herbs add so much nutrition to a meal.

Throw parsley into your meatballs. Add thyme to your sweet potatoes. Cover your beans with cilantro.

If you can, even on a windowsill, grow your own. Grab a handful for every meal.

Send some fresh potted herbs to your mom for Mother’s Day.

Send your friends some seeds.

Let us give to each other the gift of health.


Hope you have a great weekend! I will be enjoying our first very warm weather of the season, and hopefully finishing up The Goldfinch which I have finally gotten around to reading.




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  1. Hello! It is lovely to still be receiving your blog posts and I love to read you are active and well. Its been a long winding road since Ebbio. I look forward to seeing Red Dirt Lattes in my Inbox. <3

    1. Juliet, hello! I hope you are well and safe. Yes, a long winding road. I am tired. But as soon as a window opens we once again are packing up bags and heading back to Kenya. The road continues on….

  2. Hi Sabrina. Good to know you and your family are well. So is mine. Keeping busy both physically and mentally as well as having varied interests. curiosity and self-discipline are the keys to remaining safe. I am scared to death of contracting Covid, in which I strongly believe that if I do contract it, I will never get out of the hospital on my own two feet, since my age and very compromised immune system makes puts me at great risk. However, my oncologist told me that he has had only i patient who died from it, a 92 year old infirm person. He believes that the cancer biologic that is keeping me alive has an anti-inflammatory agent that lessens the possibility of contracting the virus. Sure enough, the day after he told me this, in the news was a story that a medication being tested to treat covid has an anti-inflammatory property. What the legitimate media and even the scientific experts severely compromised by Trump fail to tell us are two very important things: until the present, it took scientists a minimum of 4 years to develop a vaccine. Of course, never before has so many scientists and physicians all over the world worked on finding a treatment and a vaccine. This increases the odds of having success, BUT not necessarily success in hitting the jackpot! The most disheartening thing, as that as a scientists, we realize there IS NO GUARANTEE that everything in the universe has a discoverable answer or understanding of it.
    To end on a more positive note, no virus ever confronted has ever wiped out all of humankind. However, no vaccine to treat HIV has been developed yet; only a successful treatment to counter it. I’ll put my money on eventual success, but I will venture to guess that it will take two or more years to develop. You are spot one when you wrote that eventually we will have to leave our isolation. However, we will confront making a Hobson’s Choice: there really is no good choice to make. Be safe and well, Seymour Schwartz.

    1. Seymour! How lovely to see your words here again. Glad you are safe. I am not ready to be brave but I hear the world calling so I guess I’ll just have to take a deep breath and dive in. I put my money on success as well. Have to be positive. Stay well.

  3. Hi Sabrina. Thank you so much for this message. I know… even with things slowly opening up, It is still concerning knowing that there is this virus lurking around. I didn’t realize you were living in Canada. Sending so much love and prayers to you and family!

    1. Woah – this is weird. I know wrote a lot more than what is showing up. It’s like the comment got edited down? lol So weird.

      1. Hi Chris. I’ll try and see what happened when I am back in front of the site.

  4. First, my wife and I hope you and your family are safe and sound. It looks like a beautiful sunny day in the Gulf Islands, which I thought would be few and far between this time of year. I’m glad that you are writing again more frequently.

    The farmer’s markets here in the Kansas City are open and the fresh herbs are starting to become plentiful. If/When we plant ours this year, we’ll have to do it in pots as we moved to a neighborhood with an HOA so we may go to a greenhouse in the back of the house and pots. Either way, we’ll have what we need, but not MINT! Takes over. 🙂

    Have as good a Mother’s Day as you can, and look forward to more posts. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you, Shawn. Yes, we have had such a warm and sunny spring so far. As wonderful as it has been I do worry what it will mean for fire season.

      Right now our lemon balm is taking over. I guess I need to make some batches of tea.

      Stay safe!

  5. Hi Sabrina. I swear, you look as young as you were when you starred in Sliders. You must be genetically one of those who seem to never age. I have learned the hard way that looking good does not mean you are feeling good. We are learning new things about the virus everyday. But the more we know, the less we understand. Therefore, everything you hear about the virus needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Characteristics of the virus change and mutate every day.

    It is disingenuous when you hear we are making good progress every day. It is often PR to stem a panic. Humans have been around a few million years and, like the cockroaches, we are very adaptive to our changing environment. Therefore, the most accurate that some scientists say about it is that humans have to learn to live with it. Those who won’t or can’t change will die or suffer greatly. This fits the accepted notion of evolution to a tee.

    Did you know that the Great Anthony Fauci is the one most responsible for inventing the therapeutics that have largely stemmed the death cycle of the AIDS virus. But even to this day, there is no cure or vaccine that stops it in its tracks.

    My major problem with COVID-19 is that I may be dead by the time they find a vaccine cure for it. I have three grandchildren from my two children. They are 20, 13, and 2. The two older ones live in Colorado and my wife and I can’t chance flying to see them. The two year old lives in Chicago, thank god. But even though they come to our house and stay in our large yard about once a week and we order out dinner, we still have to distance, wear masks, and cannot hold or hug him. One of the hardest things for him and us is that every time they come over, the two year old runs up to me and his grandma with his arms open wanting to be held or hugged. But at least we see him. As for my daughter and her children, we see them about once a week through zoom. Occasionally, we all get together on zoom and my daughter and son banter making fun of each other or us, so the get together becomes one big laughfest. That is the most fun we have in our self-imposed exile. Last week when they were over, my grandson Dax picked up an egg shaped rock bordering one of my artificial fountains and carried it around all evening. He called it an egg rock. I let him keep it if he did not throw it. My daughter-in-law told me that when he went to sleep holding the egg rock, he awoke and was crying. He was pointing from his crib to the egg rock that rolled to the floor and said bubbe and zaide, grandma and grandpa. First time I was ever compared to a rock. Little things like this in one’s family make living so wonderful.

    But we worry about our kids. My son and his wife mostly work from home as managerial executives, but occasionally my son has to go to work. And the 2 year old goes to day school twice a week. My son is petrified that he might give me the virus, being the most vulnerable. We are very worried about my daughter and her family who live in Fort Collins, Colorado, its 4th largest city adjacent to the Rocky Mountain foothills that are ablaze in fires. They cannot see the sky, and ash is all over. Although a huge reservoir sits between the city and the mountains that has not stopped the mountain animals from getting around it. My son-in-law was walking the dog about half a block on a walking path from his home when he saw a crowd gathering. Two black bears emerged from the mountains.

    Well, this is surely a life experience I have never had in my 75 years. Our biggest concern is that are children and their families remain safe and outlive us in a fulfilling life. As you know, a parent never stops worrying. But on the whole, most of us get through the low spots of life and exult in the beauty and magnificence of its people and the natural world sometimes. Opposites attract and repel, and one who lives a life well-lived has attracted more than repelled. I have many reasons to be depressed, but being a behavioral scientist, I still write, and I never let my being down last for more than a day. ZI retreat into my head and look at nature, fantasize, or star gaze every night in my large backyard. That does the trick. Good luck to you and your family. Say safe and well. And prepare yourself for the long hall. I admire you in learning new things and having new adventures. At some time, things will reverse itself and life will be full of joy once again. Fondly, Seymour Schwartz

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