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I am a mother, a writer, a storyteller, an artist, an actress. If you are new here, you can read about me on the Design Mom blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. so great to hear your stories in this format, yay!

  2. Sabrina,
    I so enjoyed reading all of your posts. Your unique take on life. Your willingness to feel the subtleties, the absurdities, the depths and the love that you have in your life.
    Your dear friend,

  3. This is a wonderful forum for you.
    I am toasting to your red dirt lattes with my own Green Mountain
    Window Seat lattes in the morning!

    1. Love what you write Sabrina. Mama

  4. As a die-hard fan of the long-defunct Sports Night, when my wife told me about a link to your blog on her daily surfing, and a mention that you are a fellow photographer, I was quite pleased to find your online presence!

    Here’s a blast from your past:

    “Rack ‘Em Up Casey!”

    And to good wishes for your photographic future!

    1. Oh that does take me back! Now I feel old 🙂

    2. “That’s pool, you mental patient!”

  5. This is so lovely! Being an armchair traveler, I dig this blog. I have linked it up on my blog if that’s okay. I’m also a total Sports Night goober fan, so there’s that. So glad to see you are on such a happy journey. Ciao!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I love “armchair traveling” too. Nothing like a good book (or blog) to take you into another world. Very cool that you linked me, thanks. I will check out your blog as well!

  6. Lovely blog. And beautiful photos. Clicked over from Twitter where Josh Malina linked to you.

    1. Thanks Joe. Happy you stopped by.

  7. hey, Sabrina! i have accidentally found your blog and i am greatly enjoying reading your posts. i am from Russia and i’ve always wanted to travel, especially around Africa. that is why it makes your blog even more special for me. and, more surprisingly, i realized the other day that you are the lead actress of my favorite TV show when I was a child – the sliders )) lol! so, anyway, thanx for sharing your thoughts with the world.

    1. Thank you Asia. How fun to have a reader in Russia!

  8. Love you Sabrina, and love your blog, you continue to amaze and inspire me.
    in friendship always,

  9. Hey cuz

    I have been reading your blog and decided it was time for a compliment…I know…SHOCK!
    You have an ineresting point of view and reading your stuff gives me new things to consider.
    The Osama photo is the best take on the M…F… I have seen anywhere. Good Job!

    Love ya cuz….best to your family……………nancy

  10. Hi, Sabrina, I just found your blog via a link from Josh Malina on Twitter and I’m so glad I did. I read your post “The Dog Ate It” and it made me laugh until I had tears, which was just what I needed on a Mother’s Day when I suddenly was missing my mother, who died 24 years ago.

    “Sports Night” is one of my favourite shows and the first TV DVD boxed set I ever bought. I still watch it all the way through every year or so and follow the careers of its stars, so I am very happy to have found you again.

    1. Thank you, Gayle. Happy you are here. And happy I could make you laugh.

  11. Wow, this blog was something of a bittersweet find. I’m sad to find that you’re not acting anymore as I’ve found you absolutely delightful in every role you’ve played but I’m delighted that your life has become so rich and full with marriage and motherhood. I’ll certainly be coming back.

    Do you have any tips on bars in New York where I can meet my own UN employee to take me on adventures around the world?

    1. Hi Seamus.
      We actually met in Central America, while both traveling 10 years ago. So my tip is to start the adventures yourself.
      Thanks so much for checking out my blog.

  12. Hi Sabrina,
    I came across your blog through the Split Souls post on the Hudson Family one. We visited Rome 1.5 year ago, amazing city. And we just returned from a week in New York with our kids (we rented bikes :). Great to follow your stories, very much liked the last one about watching for details you never saw before..

    1. Hi Emiel.
      I just found the Hudson family blog and love it. That ‘Split Souls’ post spoke right to me. Life on the road.
      NY by bike! Best way to see any city I think.
      Just checked out your blog as well and also fantastic. I’ll be visiting it often.
      Thanks for popping in.

      1. Great Sabrina, looking forward to seeing you around on my blog! I will be subscribing to yours.

  13. Dear Girlfriend,

    Almost every morning as soon as I’ve opened my Notebook, I visit your site and hope to find a new blog to read. With a delicious self made Latte (!)in my hand, I start reading your story.
    Mostly I have to smile while reading, sometimes you leave me with thinking things over. Things that happen to you and to which I can relate to.

    One persons experiences are always unique, and so are yours. But in a way some of them are SO recognizable (is that an English word?), probably because we share the same ‘expat countries’. Your stories are moving, touching, funny and hilarious and I truly enjoy every word of them.

    Thanks to you, I’m reviving Uganda and Italy at the same time!

    Keep on writing.

    Love, Nadine.

  14. Hi Sabrina
    thanks for visiting my blog! I’m enjoying reading through yours.. I’ll keep coming back, too..

  15. Hi! My wife and I are both big fans of Peter Krause, so we recently blew through all of Sports Night on streaming Netflix. Obviously, we are now completely in love with you. I found this blog and thought I’d let you know it’s pretty great! I read that you’re a musician, too, and wondered if any of your music was available? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Jeff. Thanks so much.
      No, I don’t have any music avail. It kind of fell off along the journey of life. But maybe I should see if I can find it again…

      1. I am currently somewhere around the 10th episode of Season Two (of Sports Night), and dreading finishing (probably tonight). After doing a quick “Where Are They Now?” search, I found this blog. Wonderful, witty writing. The dying dreams thing was a bit creepy, but very explanatory about who/where you are in life, now. I, also, read on a bio somewhere that you were a musician. It’s about 2 months short of two years since this comment, and I don’t see any music available from you. Perhaps a YouTube video?

  16. Hi Sabrina – Amy sent me the link to your blog –great stuff! I love both your writing and photography. Thinking of you from our house in the Berkshires – Chip sends his best. XO

    1. Hi, Neal! So happy you came by. My best to you both. xx

  17. hi sabrina – i just wanted to thank you for sharing your adventures, your art and your craft and to sing the praises of the power of synchronicity.

    a week ago, about 10 o’clock at night, there was a small explosion on the light pole outside my home (nothing big, side-of-the-road illegal 4th of july fireworks type stuff) and after the fire dept and the electric company came, the power was shut down as they figured out their next move. now, i’ve been recovering from surgery (nothing big, side-of-the-road radiation type stuff) and had been having trouble sleeping. and so i’ve been watching movies (big ups for Dopamine, btw!) and things to keep me occupied as my body regroups and the loss of power was bad (if, to quote The Dude, you’re into the whole Good/Bad thing) – plus, no heat!

    And then i remembered that I had the Netflix app on my iPad (unsolicited plugs void where prohibited) and fired it up and the Netflix app said, “You seem like the kind of person who would enjoy Sports Night”. why yes, Netflix app, i am indeed. so, crossing my fingers for luck and saying a prayer to the gods of AT&T cell service, i hit play and Voila! the sets, the sounds, the walking and talking… and somewhere between Thespis and Shoe Money, dawn broke and the power came back on and i thought, “hey, that was fun – whatever happened to sabrina lloyd?”

    which led me to google, which led me wikipedia, which led me to Red Dirt Lattes and the wonderful stories and photos and now i know whatever happened to sabrina lloyd.

    so small explosions in the night on power poles are bad (if you’re into the whole Good/Bad thing) except when they’re not and reintroduce you to actors and writers you remember fondly, and connect you to their new works, which you will also remember fondly once the present is the past. or something like that.

    wishing you and your loved ones health and happiness on your adventures, and hoping you’ll be kind enough to continue to share!


    1. Wow, Robin. What a great story! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Hi Sabrina,

    Wow, what a turn up. As a long-time fan I was idly looking around to see if you had any new projects going on (as I do occasionally) and instead stuble across this blog.

    A pity, from my perspective, that you’ve left the acting behind (for now?) as you were one of the very few actors who really had me transfixed when you were on screen. But you sound like you’re enjoying life and that’s the main thing.

    You know, you actually changed my life by inspiring me to start writing. I’d never considered trying it but suddenly found myself writing fan-fiction of your shows, particularly the criminally under-appreciated Sports Night. Knowing you were in it, I had someone send me tapes of the show over as it wasn’t screened here in the UK at the time.

    I managed to have some professional success, writing episodes of shows for the BBC and came close to getting my own sitcom into production. Not much going on now, this business being the fickle thing it is, but I haven’t given up hope yet and keep plugging away adding to my ever growing pile of unsold scripts.

    Anyway, I genuinely would never have even tried to write if not for you so a big thanks for unleashing my creative side.

    Keep on enjoying life.


    1. Wow, Paul. What a nice thing to say, thank you. And no, never give up. A long ago friend’s mother once gave the most sage advice to her daughter that I love to share. She said, “Darling, just wait your turn.”

      1. Thanks for passing on such words of wisdom 🙂 I certainly don’t intend to quit until I’ve had my turn. Anyway, it’s fun.

  19. Sabrina, I found you via Anthea at “Reluctant Memsahib”. I love reading about “you” in your description. Your life is very, shall I say, adventurous, but then when you are with the one you love (or the two you love) life has a way of being filled with excitement. I’m happy to have found your blog.

    1. Cherly, thanks for stopping by. Yes, it’s adventurous, but that’s what marriage can be just in itself, if you let it. Then add in a child and…

  20. Loved you in Sliders, Sports Night, Madigan Men, & Numb3rs. Also caught your guest appearances on Ed. (He was an idiot to choose Julie Bowen over YOU!!!)

    1. Thanks, Robert!

  21. Miss you as an actress! But it sounds like you are having a wonderful journey!

  22. BTW I was a huge Sliders fan and I still have a website dedicated to the show. It hasn’t been updated in a few years but if you would like to take a gander at it I would love your opinion. The site is at http://www.pamfroman.com/index2.html

    Gracias and blessings!

    1. Very cool, Pam. Thank you for taking me back to the start of it all.

  23. I use to watch Sliders and out of the blue typed in Slider’s cast as I was wondering what you are doing now as I enjoyed your character.

    I am very impressed with the course your life has taken and wish you and your family all the best.

    Dale the Canadian…

    1. Ah, Dale. I have a soft spot for the Canadians.

  24. Came across your blog after watching Sports Night on Netflix; I love Internet journeys! Looking forward to reading more about yours. You’ve inspired me to stretch and sip.

    If you ever get the chance, visit Macedonia. I spent three years in the Peace Corps there, and travel back each year. It is very, very quiet and is a poor man/budget traveler’s Tuscany.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Patrice. I will hopefully have that chance.

  25. ok – i have to say this– a little in love. not in a creepy way though. i just finished watching every episode of Sports Night for the first time (which is funny, because i lived for The West Wing) and I adored your character. you have serious skills as a performer. although the entire show was superb, yours was consistently a stand-out performance. the banter between you and Joshua Malina was really first class.
    it is really quite inspiring to see the direction your life has taken. i’ve had the opportunity to travel some myself, and wouldn’t trade it for anything.
    seriously, your story makes me happy – people so often get caught up in what seems important. turns out not so much. to quote Ambrose Bierce on the definition of man: An animal so lost in rapturous contemplation of what he thinks he is as to overlook what he indubitably ought to be.
    good luck with all your efforts and thanks for sharing your world..



    1. Thanks for sharing that quote, Joseph. I still get caught up, but luckily now it doesn’t last long. The more forward I go, the less of that baggage there is to hang onto. Maybe it’s just age.

  26. i just discovered the tab on your homepage. hi sabrina!

    i feel so out of it, although it serves me right for not watching television, i didn’t know there were shows your in, that it was your career and quite brilliant too from all the comments here. i do have netflix though and just as soon as i figure out what streaming is, i will catch up with the rest of the world.

    arent’ you glad you started a blog?


  27. Yes I am!

  28. As is so often does, the Internet/webs took me on a marvelous ride over the last 40 minutes and I landed smack in the middle of your blog. Your project Universal Signs was my road into your beautifully written and photographed site. I noted some of our similarities: adoption, married to a Canadian, love travel, huge life changes etc. I am so happy for you to have found your path and to be growing and glowing as you travel it with your family.

    I had a specific question for you regarding your work on Universal Signs. Being an independent film, there is not a lot of press on it, so I was unable to find the answer.

    How did you learn ASL for your role?

    My daughter is Deaf (she is 25 now) and I am an ASL interpreter, teacher, advocate and trainer for ADA compliance. I have often wondered how in the entertainment industry they are able to get folks fluent enough in such a short amount of time.

    Did you enjoy learning ASL and do you use it with your daughter? It is such a wonderful tool for teaching language to children.

    Just wanted to throw that out there. I wish you the best as you wander down your path.
    Sincerely, ~Denise

    1. Hi, Denise.
      The web really is something, isn’t it.
      The filmmakers hired a tutor for me. I worked with him for a couple of hours every day and when I wasn’t with him, I did nothing but practice. I was terrified I wouldn’t get it, but I worked very hard and it paid off. It’s such a beautiful language and I was honored to learn it.
      Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I wish you and your daughter much happiness.

  29. Belated welcome to Africa and so nice to meet you!
    Will be following you with much interest
    Cheers from sunny, but chilly South Africa

    1. Thanks, Janet. Will be following you as well. Stay warm!

  30. Hi. In case you missed this: fascinating. Always changing, and still as I always remember it:



  31. Hey Sabrina! Wow, your photography is getting better and better. Love the frozen moments of the hummingbird. Check out the tune I sent you via e-mail.

  32. Sabrina,
    I’ve had the pleasure of reading each of your posts from the beginning. All are wonderful and many are wondrous. And I’ve never seen you looking more beautiful or more centered than your photo at the yoga retreat. You’ve obviously been doing something very very right with your life. That being said, I’ve been enjoying again all the Sports Night episodes (which, BTW, are still better than most everything currently on TV) and it’s been a very long time since I’ve laughed as hard as when you threw the third glass of water in Josh Charles’ face. And I am grateful for all of the above. Looking forward to your next post.

  33. Mainlining Sports Night, but I can stop anytime I want. It’s not a problem, and won’t be for at least another 30 episodes.

    Looking forward to seeing some more of your posts.

    PS: as good as it seems right now, being a parent just keeps getting better. Enjoy!

    1. And done!

      Uh oh…

  34. Hi Sabrina,

    Just found out about your blog…very cool!

    I loved “Sports Night”, and you were a big reason why. I also thought you gave “Ed” a much-needed shot in the arm for that half-season. Too bad they were so invested in/backed into a corner with Ed & Carol–I thought your Frankie character was a better match for Ed. Anyway…

    Take care!

  35. look at all these comments! i don’t know you as an actress but one day i will settle in and see you on the little screen. meanwhile, i’m glad i’ve found your blog and you mine. nothing better than an fellow traveler, a woman who gallivants for love, and a bone weary mother to tell tales to share.

    nice to meet you, sabrina


  36. Hi Sabrina! Just discovered your blog, and had no idea you were such a talented photographer. It sounds like you’ve had quite a life of recent, and I am so happy for you.

    Add me to the number of people who discovered you through Sports Night; I hope you’re not too sick of hearing that, but I feel I ought to mention it as that show was and is a huge part of my life. I was determined to become a lawyer and give up on my writing when I fell in love with that show, with these characters who became like friends, and thus I decided to pursue my passion for television instead. These days I’m an entertainment journalist, and still-aspiring screenwriter, and I know that I could never be anything else.

    I could go on with a whole list of things I believe I owe to that show and to everyone who was involved in it, yourself included – but I’ll just say that you have my deepest thanks for your involvement in a project that will always be one of the most profound things in my life. If our paths should ever cross, I’d be happy to buy the first round of drinks.

    I wish you and your family all the best.

    1. Brittany, I will take you up on that drink in the event we cross paths. I’ll get the second.
      And I never tire of hearing the impact that show made. I am proud to have been a part of it.
      Hope to be watching one of your shows soon!

  37. Sabrina, you were terrific on “Sports Night.” Best wishes!

  38. Sabrina, add my voice to the list of people here praising your work. You have always made such a wonderful impression in all of the performances I’ve seen. It’s really great to discover that your talents extend beyond acting. I love what you’ve created here.

    Fifteen years ago, my son (who’s now 28) and I never missed an episode. No matter what was going on, everything stopped for an hour–and to this day we look back upon that time with great affection. As a single dad, my son and I had two TV shows that we routinely shared: Friends, and of course, Sliders.

    So, for what it’s worth, I searched for you tonight after watching a couple of those early shows off some old VHS tapes I recently found. Wade Wells and company brought back some good memories and this time around my two cats kept me company. However, they didn’t have quite as much to say afterwards.

    Thanks, and all my best. I look forward to reading more of your blog soon.

    Vienna, VA

  39. Hi Sabrina,

    I was looking for what had become Wade Welles (I’m a french fan of Sliders) and I discover a fulfilled woman.
    Your photographs are really beautiful. You travel around the world, which allows you to see the simple things of life in a changing society.

    Best wishes

  40. Hi Sabrina,

    I’m going to join the chorus of people who talk what about an impact the short-lived “Sports Night” had on their life. It’s where I first discovered the amazing Aaron Sorkin and decided I wanted to one day be a writer. I may not ever be able to make a living at it, but it’s something I enjoy, and I’ve had about a dozen of my plays produced around Central Florida. In fact, I’ve probably seen shows at some of the places where you started your acting career.

    (I can also say I sat through several years of “Sliders” primarily due to you, and enjoyed your work on both “Numb3rs” and “Ed.” )

    I just discovered this blog and am looking forward to catching up on what one of my favorite actors has been doing. It seems your life has been exciting and fulfilling, and isn’t that all we can hope for?

    I’ll echo the thoughts of someone else a little further upstream and say if you’re ever back in Central Florida, I want to buy you a drink. Not only so I can be a tiny bit starstruck, but also as my thanks for being involved in one of my all time favorite shows, and for creating a character that in my mind, still lives and breathes, even though we’re not seeing her every week any more.

  41. Dear Ms. Lloyd,

    I look forward to seeing your blog on a daily basis. Sliders is and was my favorite show and you are so amazing and everything. I was really sad when they decided not to bring you back for the fourth season. I mean, I watched the show when it was on back in the nineties!! I wanted to let you know, I have started a Sliders collection of my very own. My favorite episodes that you were in are the one with the lottery that kills people, the one where you guys think you are home but the golden gate bridge is blue, and the christmas episode with Wade’s dad and sister. That last one touched my heart. I wrote Jerry on broadway and have not yet heard back. Anyway I’d love to send you a photo and have you personalize it to me.

    Much love and love your blog!! my private email is prettykittyjenna@yahoo.com

    Thank you so much, Love, Jenna

  42. Hi Sabrina,

    We met on a flight from Rome to LA via Paris…. you were traveling with your wonderful 4 yr. old daughter. It was such a pleasure to meet you!! After learning that you were an actress I was compelled to learn more about you once back in the states…. only to find that you truly are much more famous and exceptionally gifted than your humble and precious demeanor led me to believe. I was watching the Sundance Channel where I discovered Dopamine playing one Sunday afternoon…..great movie, you were excellent!.

    Being an artist (designer) myself I find your observations about life so heartwarming , passionate, inquisitive, and romantic. You are a go getter that isn’t afraid to take chances in life…you love to learn and that’s what makes you so inspiring. You really have a powerful gift in the manner you are able to communicate and express yourself in your writings.

    I’m very sorry we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye….. but I want you to know that you have a new fan. It warmed my heart having met you and your daughter. I wish you great success in this next phase of your career!!!

    all the best


  43. Wow that was beautiful Sabrina and I completely agree:)

  44. Sabrina, i rewatched that episode of Sliders the other day where you slide to a world where the atom bomb had never been invented. Love that scene with you and Quinn making out. Loved you on Sliders. Hope you are enjoying all the sights in Africa. Look forward to more photos.

    Your fan, Jenna

  45. Hi Sabrina!
    I’m a big fan of Sliders and somehow came across your blog. I have enjoyed reading about you adventures with fantastic pictures and hope you well on your travels! 🙂


  46. Truly amazing blog. Sliders and Sports Night are two of my favorites, bar none, but seeing what you’ve done here is truly an inspiration. Best of luck and looking forward to reading/seeing more here.

    “God help me, I thought it was a doggy-dog world.”

  47. If you ever did a Con appearance now (say, NZ’s Armageddon for a totally random example!), I’m sure that most if not all the Sliders fans there would also turn up with red dirt on their shoes.

  48. Been reading your entries since last fall. Still enjoying them and your photography. Thank you from West Virginia.

    1. And thank you, Kendall.

  49. cool you doing thiss.. if u ever are in switzerland let me know.. we do a bike tour here 🙂

  50. what an awesome blog. I’m a huge fan of sliders, and I had no idea what a shutterbug you were!

  51. Outstanding blog and equally stunning photos. I’ve been watching ‘Sliders’ during my morning workouts, decided to see what the cast members were up to, and found your blog. You paint wonderful word pictures and equally wonderful photos. Many thanks for sharing your talents with the world. Best to you and your family.

  52. In my dream we (you and me and someone) were running all night in NY. I saw a lot of attractions. And I’ve remembered abot you blog. Are you going to go to Russia?)) It might be amazing.

  53. Sabrina, if you come to the russia (saint-petersburg), it will be great!

  54. I ran across your blog after re-visiting a “Sports Night” DVD last night, and I must say, it’s interesting to see how creative people transition from one project or area to another…that is, going from an acting focus to a photography focus as a creative outlay.

    You have an interesting eye, and I’m looking forward to seeing (and reading) more of your adventures.

    “I” countries are on our list. We’ve hit Ireland and Iceland…so Italy may be next…although not during Purgatory temperatures…


  55. Greetings from your old stomping grounds. I spend a lot of time in Eustis and Mt Dora. I’m proud to see you are from the area.

    I rediscovered “Sliders” on The Hub this month. I’d gone off the show after the 3rd season, but remember now how much I liked you and the rest of the cast in Seasons 1 and 2. I’m sorry to see that you are out of acting.

    I love your descriptions of places and your beautiful photos. I’ve added you to my reading list. Keep the posts coming.

  56. Sabrina,
    I am watching “Numbers” for the first time. Just finished S1. I was elated beyond belief, when I started the first episode and saw your amazingly beautiful face and I screamed (in my head) “It’s WADE!” 🙂

    Contrast that to how pissed I was finding out that yours was a fairly early departure from the show. I haven’t watched any more yet. I just hope the new people can compare to you. I don’t mean to drag you into the past with any of this, since you’ve moved past it. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed you on Sliders and Numbers both. You are fantastic 🙂

  57. Sabrina, it is very rare when actresses do their own online blog. Thank you for your work. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out about it.
    Sorry for my english and greetings to you from the snowy Russia. 🙂

  58. Sabrina, your blog is so beautiful and inspirational. I love it (and Sports Night). Thanks so much for sharing bits of your life with the rest of the world.

  59. I was sliding by and found you blog. Had to say hello and tell you how much I have enjoyed your career. Many thanks. cmh

  60. Hi Sabrina. I just found this site today from Wikipedia. I saw the Sliders pilot earlier today.

  61. Sabrina Lloyd! My wife stumbled on your blog and started reading to me. How strange. In case you don’t remember, I wrote the “Couples” pilot many many moons ago. Loved reading this stuff. How exciting your life sounds. Makes me want to pack up the family and head off into the wild blue yonder. I’m just worried they won’t have Paxil there. So glad to see you are happy. Best, David.

  62. i love u wade. uh i mean sabrina.

  63. While I do wish you were still around to do Sliders (the show changed my life when I was younger) I am beyond happy that you are out there living life by the seat of your pants. You were my first celeb crush growing up (I wanted to date a girl just like Wade). It turns out I wasn’t far off. Almost every woman i’ve fallen for has been a traveller, adventurer and a wanderer, just like you turned out to be 🙂 I wish you all the best on your journeys and I can’t wait to read about them.

  64. As much as I miss Sports night’s Natalie, reading this blog made me realize that you were able to make your life an epic series…..
    Hoping to see you on the small screen again 🙂

  65. I was watching an episode of Numb3rs just now. Landed here and ended up admiring your broad gifts. Writing, photography, acting… And a lust for life that not many in your shoes have. Truly awesome.

  66. I don’t know how I found this place, but the quiet reflection is inversely proportional to the cacophony of my insanely busy life. Thank you for writing all of your posts. I could only read a few at a time. Like that Marocchino, your posts are so full of life, experience, and imagination that it was difficult to continue because I wanted to simply sit and “pause” and digest what I’d read. There were times when I laughed so hard I cried, and times when my heart simply just sat in awe because I can see your perspective so vividly.

    I’m coming up on the last two years of my military service and I long to go back out into this great big world that seems so much smaller as I’ve traveled around it. Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Australia, Egypt to name a few, I am ever awed by the maturity and perseverance of a world that still, like you said, should be seeing people from the U.S. like little puppies (absolutely great analogy). It is a unique world we see out there.

    Mostly Sabrina, I thank you for you. I don’t know how to quite explain it, other than to say that your love, your dreams, your personality, so introverted and in tune with the big picture, yet seeing the magic of the smallest details coming to life right in front you. Fearless and adventurous yet you love your solitude. I absolutely adore the bond you have with your daughter and the amazing encompassing and independent love for your husband that underlies every syllable. The new bond with this new addition to your lives is immense in the photograph you took such great care in posting. You are amazing (but you probably already knew that).

    Your blog has helped me redefine what I plan to do with the freedom that I have waited 20 years to receive after the Service. The world deserves to be helped, loved, and built up and those with the knowledge and power to build, care, and help need to be doing that. Thank you for being an inspiration in my life these last few weeks.


    1. Wow Robert. What a beautiful comment. I am very touched, thank you.

  67. Hi Sabrina –

    I wanted to check back in with you (I’m the Brittany who commented above oh, wow, like 2 years ago) because I’ve got some really good news and I thought you should be the first to hear it. Not long after we spoke I began a full-time career in entertainment and it’s been going really well. As a result I’ve been asked to write my autobiography, and one of the chapters I’m working on is devoted to Sports Night.

    I’m almost done with that chapter and I feel like the first person to see it should be you since you were a huge part of the show (and therefore obviously mentioned in it). Would you have the time to give it a read and some feedback? If we can exchange emails, I’d be honored to send it over to you once I put the touches on it this weekend.

    I hope you and yours are doing as well as you were when we spoke last. All my best to you, as always.

  68. Hey Sabrina,

    It seems you haven’t posted a blog entry for a while. I hope things have been going well for you! I first saw you on Sliders years ago and I wondered why I had never seen you before. You were one of the most beautiful women I saw on T.V. back then and I still feel the same way now. I know you’re happily married, I’m just sayin’ :P.
    Anyways, please post again soon, even if it’s just “Hey, I’m here!”, just to let everyone know you’re still keeping tabs on this blog.

    Take care,

  69. Hi Sabrina,

    Well Eastern Standard Time just rolled into the 20th so Happy Birthday; like many of your audience I stumbled across the link to your blog while perusing your wikopedia entry to see what you’d been up to. Seems like acting is only one of your gifts, your comments and insights are simply poetic. I look forward to learning more of the amazing adventure that is your life :->



  70. Sabrina,

    Come back to us! Tell us what you have been doing lately. Miss you.

  71. Hi Sabrina, i saw for two days the first time in my life Sliders.You so great there.Now i will see all episodes.My question.Give its a chance to come to a handwritten signed photo from you???Thanks for answer,and no problemo when not. Max

  72. Yes, Max, we all want one. Let’s shout out to Sabrina for some signed pics!

  73. Hi Sabrina. I sent a spec script to you a few years back for a musical comedy for film (though Buchwald’s in NY). Was wondering if it ever made it to you. Only just now saw you write songs and play guitar. Loved you in Sliders. Hope you release a music album some time.

    1. Terry, never got it. Thanks for trying!

  74. I replied to your Red Dirt Latte email post notification with my contact info should you or your agent ever want to review the material. Great posts Sabrina! I’m looking forward to following your adventures here. Thanks for the reply.

  75. Hello Sabrina! I was a huge fan of Sliders during its original run (though I was only around 10 years old.) And now I’ve binge-watched the whole thing on Netflix (Well, most of it. I couldn’t get through the final season with all my favorite characters gone, but I tried really, really hard I swear.) Anyway, after seeing your entire work on the show, you’ve actually become my first ever official celebrity crush. 🙂 So since I found your blog, I wanted to tell you how freaking awesome I think you are. And also to ask what I’ve already seen some people ask here, but seemingly not recently. I read blurbs that you write music, but it doesn’t seem to exist on the internet and that makes me sad. Any chance that will ever see the light of day? I already know you’ve got a great singing voice after watching the episode “Stoker” a few times (Seriously, whose idea was it to have Tommy Chong as a vampire hunter? Lol. Love it.). Anyway, if you find time to respond, that’d be wonderful, but even if not you have my respect and admiration forever. Keep being awesome and I look forward to your next blog post.

    With Love,
    Marietta, Ga

    1. Hi Eric. Thanks for finding me here! I used to write music, but that fell by the wayside, except for singing my children to sleep 🙂

  76. Ms. Lloyd–

    I just read the Entertainment Weekly reunion feature on “Sports Night” and found your blog through a Google search. Now I know why you weren’t in the cast photo. I hope that you and your family are well.

    I enjoyed your work on “Sports Night” and “Ed” — two of my favorite shows that ended much too soon.

    Are you still professionally active or on sabbatical?

    Your pictures are beautiful; you write very well. Take care.

    1. Hi Mike, thank you for your kind words. I am retired from acting now, although you never know….

  77. Hi Sabrina,

    I’m a big Sports Night fan. I’ve seen each episode countless times and have even purchased the special edition anniversary DVD. You’re amazing in it and it’s a shame that the show didn’t go on longer.

    I’ve always wanted to have Natalie’s strength and intelligence and upon reading through your blog, I see that (and more) in you too. I’m glad you’re doing great things in life and thankful that you share your stories through this. Looking forward to more posts from you! 🙂


  78. Hey Sabrina.
    Like so many others, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Sports Night, and also share a story with you. One about how Sports Night in general, and you, in particular, helped our trivia team tonight.

    The category was Tennis, and the question was “In 1990, at the age of 19 years and 1 month, who became the youngest man to win the US Open?”

    My girlfriend guessed Andre Agassi, and I thought Roger Federer, but then I remembered Sports Night, and the waiting for the Tennis Match That Wouldn’t End to End. Natalie said not to worry, her Pete would put him away.
    “Your Pete?”
    “Pete Sampras has a little crush on me.”
    “In Natalie World?”
    “In Natalie World.”

    And that was the right answer, and I never would have gotten it without you.

    I know that this isn’t the kind of message you get on here, but you don’t have a twitter, as far as I can tell, so this was the only place I could find to let you know this story. Thanks for the show, and for the marvelous acting. You and Joshua Malina were my favorite characters. Good luck with all your traveling, and I hope you find everything you ever set your mind to find.
    -Mike Cuellar

  79. Hi Sabrina.

    I heard Fox is doing 6 special new episodes of The X-Files (with Duchovney, Anderson & Carter). The only thing that could be better than that if they added 6 new episodes of Sliders with the original cast before each one of those.

    Was a chilly Winter again at times here in Florida. Hope you and the family are doing good there. Have a great holiday weekend. We may go to St. Augustine.

    Best regards and Happy Easter,
    Terry Hensley

  80. In the 90’s I loved the Sliders and that must seem now a lifetime ago and discovered this year is the 20th anniversary of the start of that show. I mention that simply to say that what you are doing now with your life and your blog is fantastic. I posted the link on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Love how things have turned out for you. Many blessings to you. Also I especially enjoy your writing style – the sort of brief picturesque way that I can only dream of. Well done.

  81. Just thought I would let you know that I wrote an article on my blog connecting why I loved Sliders and your blog. I hope it is something you will enjoy but if it isn’t your cup of latte I will still love what I have discovered here. You need not post this but thought you might enjoy parts of what I have written. I knew of no other way to contact you apart from the comments section. http://www.panhandlingphilosopher.blogspot.com/2015/04/twenty-years-from-sliders-to-red-dirt.html

  82. Really loved your performances in Sports Night and Ed. Read your blogposts in Natalie or Frankie’s voice, and they were lovely.

    Best wishes from here in India.

  83. Sliders is Sabrina,s best work. I’m look first 1-3 series in 90s, but all seasons 1-3 in 2015 y. only. Sabrina was nice gerl, particularly in season 3.
    Several words about сериале. The Good buttresses actor, interesting plot. Fantastic quadruple. Thank you!

  84. Hi Sabrina,
    I accidentally found your blog while trying to find where you went to. You were the missing piece to the last seasons of Sliders. lol Now i know, you went to truly live and enjoy existance in ways few are able. I hope that you continue to find more treasures every day and new ideas to enjoy. Have a wonderful 2016!! Namaste Sabrina.

  85. HELLO from Victoria, BC Canada. Did you know your domain name reddirtlattes.com expired? We’ve been forwarding SabrinaLloyd.com for you and just saw the wordpress error message…

  86. Your domain is going to expire !

  87. Hi Sabrina,

    Echoing the comments about your work as an actress of some repute. I first saw you in Sliders, which is one of my all-time favourite shows. It was never the same after you and John Rhys-Davies left. I then found this thing called the internet, and starting watching ED, and your great turn as Frankie.

    We all miss you on the acting front. But, you are fulfilling yourself in ways that acting cannot touch. The world is a beautiful, myriad of wonders. And for us who are fans of your acting work, may I say please come back soon!!!!!!!??????

    May I extend my best wishes to you and your family, from where I am, in sunny Ireland(okay that last bit was a tad optimistic!)

    Continue to strive for goals that are obtainable, and and long may you have joy in your life.

    Mark Jones

  88. Please stay safe, and let us know if you are ok.

  89. Hi Sabrina Lloyd…I only know of you from Sliders and its been years since I last watched the series but the Sci-Fi Channel on Foxtel here in Australia has just started a fresh run of the program and I am once again enjoying watching you on screen and admiring how beautiful you are. So I decided to Google Sabrina Lloyd to see what chya been up to…wow!…you have had an amazing life thus far. I’m a little sad you left your acting career behind but you can always come back to it, there are rolls just waiting for you!…So let me catch up with you through your writings here, from what I’ve quickly read its wet my appetite to find out more. I also see you have recorded some music l’m keen to see what you’ve done if anything is available…..glad I found your Blog.

    Clint Jeffrey

  90. So you live your very own Sliders 🙂 Great to see it,I love your blog!

  91. I was so ecstatic to discover you’re alive and well today, along with your travel adventures and that you and your hubby adopted kids. I have to admit I had a mad crush on you back in your appearance in Sports Night as Natalie Hurley. I’m looking forward to catching up with your journeys through your blog and I sincerely wish you and your family all the best. You’ll always how a place in my heart as the wonderful actress from the Continental Sports Channel.

  92. Hi Sabrina. I am a Sliders fan and I have been following you on Instagram. I saw that you had this blog. I am looking forward to new posts/stories! =)

    1. Welcome and thanks! Hope you enjoy my crazy stories.

      1. Awe. Thank you very much!

  93. Hello Sabrina, been a while. Thought I’d drop a line and say hi. Hi, from bill moser, manager and bartender from the now defunct kennys castaways. Hope you are well and staying safe. All the best to you and yours. Take care.

  94. Hello Sabrina!. It is a pleasure to write to you! Sorry if my English is a little wrong, my primary language is Spanish. I love your post, we are in a rare time, with this damn pandemic, but it allows us to refresh our memory, sit down to meditate, investigate … I tell you my family is a fan of Sliders, and we began to see (me again) from the first season. My children, who are barely 16 and 12 years old, are fascinated with your character.
    I hope you are fine. I will write to you again after rereading your articles, very interesting.
    Greetings from Argentina.
    Diego and Family.

  95. Happy birthday, Sabrina. Still enjoying watching you on my Sports Night DVD set. Hope all is well with you and yours in the current state of the world. All the best to you on your special day.

  96. Hi Sabrina,

    I hope you don’t mind I wanted to stop by and leave a comment to say how great you all were on Sliders. I’ve been a fan of that show since the mid-90’s. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before or since so thanks for the memories. I would also like to say with rumours of a Sliders reboot I think most fans (if not all) would love to see you back even if it’s for a few episodes.

    I realise your life and career is very different today. I know also that you believe in taking different paths through life. I’ve felt that the way Sliders went was an alternate path, not the natural path the show was expected to take. It’s why people were disappointed with how it ended up. If a reboot did happen it would mean a lot to us as fans to see a wrong finally put right with the four original cast members involved.

    Anyway rambling from me. I hope everything goes okay for you in life. Thank you for the memories.

    Best Wishes


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