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reddirtlattes/ June 10, 2018

I left my dog at his new home today. The lovely people who asked to take him have been waiting anxiously, their arms looking to pet and lead. I’ve kept hold, not wanting to let go. I finally had to let go. He needed to be in the home that will be his forever now.  My dog now lives on

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Little by little

reddirtlattes/ April 9, 2018

My silence is so full. In between hands reaching for me, my every moment heavy with things to do, care for, tend to, I steal chances, seconds, hidden moments behind doors. I am diving deep in these hidden moments, deep into my nights, into words, literature.  I have been inching my way towards a degree for what seems forever.  I

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My House of Belonging

reddirtlattes/ April 4, 2018

Fires still lit for early mornings and fading light at day’s end.  Skies filled with a sometimes warm sun riding on still too crisp breezes.  Spring seems to whimper in a corner as winter refuses to yield.  But our rhythmic days have returned after the whirlwind tumble of school breaks.  Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s the mediative quality of the

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Road trip

reddirtlattes/ March 27, 2018

After 23 hours of flying my husband arrived from South Sudan and then just hours later we all packed into the car to drive up the Pacific Rim Highway, to where the sea crashes into the shore on wild waves.  Our island is gentle, soft. Our shore is silent and meditative, calming. The open north Pacific, out there on the

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reddirtlattes/ March 21, 2018

  It’s the beginning of spring.  It’s spring break.  The rhythm of schooled days have turned into a tossed windstorm of bike rides, beach combing, farm visits, field running, and play dough covered hands. Children who never seem to stop moving, eating, needing, loving.  All day we play, run, eat, until we collide with our pillows at night.  Today, I

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Dear daughter, Dear son

reddirtlattes/ March 16, 2018

Be kind. I will show you how.  Be strong in who you are, but flexible. Allow for change. Make room inside yourself for growth, even when it scares you. Especially when it scares you. I hope I’ve shown you what bravery looks like.  Listen deeply, as I do to you.  Speak confidently, as you see me do in life.  When someone needs

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Red, White, and Guns

reddirtlattes/ February 18, 2018

I am from Florida. Most of my family still lives in Florida. I want my heart to break for the school victims, I want to cry and scream, and it did and I do, but my heart can’t break much more because it’s already broken. It broke with Sandy Hook. It gave up with Sandy Hook. If little children dying

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Get your geek on

reddirtlattes/ March 30, 2012

One of the things I love about being a mom is all the fun things you get to do. When was the last time you chased a butterfly? Pet a starfish? Mixed glue and borax to make goo? Underneath it all I am just a geek at heart, and nothing is more fun than spending a Friday morning at a

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The Princess of Rome

reddirtlattes/ April 28, 2011

One day in Uganda I was picking up our daughter from a play date and wanted to take her picture with her friends. There were two little girls, one her age and the other a few years older, around 6. In the pictures, our girl and the friend her age are smiling and goofing and completely uninhibited, whereas the older

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