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a Stubborn Wish and a Bowl of Goodness

reddirtlattes/ May 14, 2020

I’ve been battling dandelions. Last summer it seemed so fun to have a yard full of wishes. We raced each other to them, spreading them to the sky with laughter while warm sun held us. This year our yard is so full of wishes from those carelessly blown seeds that they are taking over everything. I have fought and fought

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reddirtlattes/ March 16, 2020

How are you handling the isolation? We are drawing, listening to music. Trying to not read too much news (not working.) Today was the first warm day in so very long and we had a picnic outside, right in the sunbeams. Did you see this? Some much needed levity in this crazy situation. Thank you, Rita Wilson. Italy is where

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reddirtlattes/ March 14, 2020

A recipe for crazy times.  It’s been a crazy time. It is a crazy time. I vacillate between calm trust, and pure anxiety. For someone already prone to anxiety this is quite the test of will. I hope this finds whoever is reading it with loved ones, feeling safe, feeling hopeful. I have asked my husband so many times over

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